Jaguar I-Pace Vlog – Will Electric Cars Work in South Africa?

For more information about the Jaguar Powerway, the network of superchargers which helps I-Pace and all electric owners charge their cars in convenient locations, visit this link below:

Right, what’s it like to live with an electric car in South Africa? One of the CEO’s has just lived with the car for a month, but he’s not keen on stealing Ciro’s job. And so in the run-up to the 2020 Cars Awards, Ciro was in Johannesburg for a few days and stole the keys. Here’s the vlog he made about his two days with the car.

Recently we installed our first electric vehicle charger at the Johannesburg headquarters. We’re gearing up to test electric cars and our first test unit came from Jaguar in the form of the rather impressive I-Pace.

The I-Pace was the outright winner of the World Car of the Year award, the World Design award and the World Green Car award in 2019, and has been widely acclaimed as one of the best EV’s put on the market to date.

It is currently one of only two EVs that motorists can choose from in South Africa, the alternative being the BMW i3. That should change soon as VW, Audi and Mercedes Benz gear up to the launch ID.3, e-tron and EQC locally, but right now, your choice as a car buyer who wants to go electric is severely limited in this country.

In the meantime, if you have around R2million and you want to stop using petrol, is the I-Pace going to work for you? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

48 Replies to “Jaguar I-Pace Vlog – Will Electric Cars Work in South Africa?”

  1. Stellan Tate

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  2. Francois Meyer

    What a way to go!
    Those of you who do have the cash or to buy any of these lovely vehicle within a couple of year cash must first have a chat with me to not buy it cash with your own money.
    Wishing you more than enough!

  3. Danilo Munhequete

    Main problems with electric cars:
    1. Purchase price
    2. Electricity quality
    3. Public charging availability (specially when travelling to rural areas)

    I know that, one day, we'll see hotels, restaurants and gas stations with charging points; but for now: plug-in hybrids are the way to go.
    You commute electric, and travel using the combustion engine.

  4. Jesus Will Save You

    Listen, maybe im biased but to me you guys are the MOST UNDERRATED 'car review/entertainment' channel on YT.
    I watch tonnes of various car reviewers DAILY (from Raitis rides, to Carwow, to TruckTube and more) and yes many are quite good but they lack the full package you people provide. Best part, I've just learned you're situated just down the road from me👊. 
    FINALLY, someone putting Bedfordview on the map— for GOOD reasons 🤣🤙.
    Seriously though, compared to other YT car reviewers I truly think you guys stand out the most. From quality of editing and filming, to knowledge about the products, and entertainment factor (definitely) you guys strike the best balance ive seen so far on YT (obviously barring the seasoned pro's like TGear and Drivetribe with budgets in the millions of POUNDS, you'll get there though.)
    And not to trash talk the competition, but there's a very popular car review channel from England (I think) and honestly the best part about his reviews seem to be the catchy video thumbnails and descriptions, so it perplexes me how he has millions of subscribers when his overall production and presentation honestly don't come close to you guys. Not to say he's terrible, but you get my point.
    Anyways, Keep it up Ciro, so proud of you guys. People can say what they want to about S.Africans but given our size and multiple dire situations we still punch far above our weight when we really want to.
    God bless.
    edit: Btw, nice LFA review, a timeless machine.

  5. Barend le Roux

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Umm…. no it wont. You need to be able to charge your car. Where will the electricity come from?? Eskom?!?!?! 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Peter Chad Henniker

    Ciro. The price is intentional. Unfortunately the government makes more than R6 a litre of fuel in the form of levies. If electric vehicles disrupt the fuel market, it disrupts government revenue. So they will keep imposing heavy duties until they figure out how to tap into the EV market

  7. Mayamiko Hara

    You can use the three prong plug for day to day charging, in fact, trickle charging is preferable for the longevity of your battery. The reason why your extension cord melted is because it was too long, cable gauge wasn't large enough and wasn't rated for the amount of current the BMW i3 was drawing. As long as you don't overload the plug socket or use a bad extension cord, you can safely charge your EV from it.

  8. Lee Clarke

    Pity they can't read though, first and number one rule charging your EV with emergency/overnight charger….DO NOT CONNECT TO AN EXTENSION LEAD, it won't be dangerous or explode then…lol…a bit off on the facts but then again he still has Petrol in in veins…

  9. Martin Pitt

    Your advice about not using a 3 pin plug is just plain wrong, it's there for a reason. However cheap extension leads should not be used. Here in the UK I've travelled to friends and charged up overnight, just fine, without melting my cables.

  10. thebe moagi

    With the problem of load-shedding we currently facing, owning this car would be a joke. Compared to BMW electric car this is it but the price-wise it's too expensive. Why would they sell this car with an emergency charger in the first place? Like when I buy a cellphone I normally want it with an original charger, and I just make sure I don't break or lose the original charger because buying and using an ineffective charger that did not come with with the product can have adverse effects on your battery. So Jaguar should exercise on that.

  11. Steve Davies

    Electric cars do work in South Africa. Well mine works for me and I know all the other owners say the same. While some say "not ready for them" etc etc I’ll just continue driving mine at 18c/km – 5th of the price of petrol- and 70 g co2/km emission (even given that only half my charging comes from Solar).

    Mine I bought second hand. It’s comfortable, very nimble, oh so so smooth and SILENT.

    Yes, duties push up the price but the running costs are so low.

  12. SDav21

    I'm sorry but you can get a diesel Jaguar then for far far far less and it will use less fuel because it is diesel and the fuel cost will never amount to the premium you have to pay over and above a normal equivalent plus a wallbox. The inconvenience and the cost means it is pointless buying an electric car. And without government incentives, they are pointless since there are better and cheaper alternatives that will never consume as much fuel as the extra you pay for electric. Load shedding is not the only issue here. Electric cars still pretty much don't work in most countries because of these issues.

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