Jaguar I-Pace Vlog – S20A (S20A_20.16.5-536345) Infotainment Update SOTA (S20A1 Actually)

Jaguar have just pushed the new version of the S20A software out via an Over The Air (OTA) update. In this video I go through all the changes. A few minor updates, some bug fixes and a very important message!

Please note that I accidentally give the wrong version number in the video. This is actually software version S20A_20.16.5-536345! Apologies for any confusion. Thanks to viewer @Raybomb who spotted this one first!

13 Replies to “Jaguar I-Pace Vlog – S20A (S20A_20.16.5-536345) Infotainment Update SOTA (S20A1 Actually)”

  1. Thomas Rudrof

    Thank you for your video. I have a question: I installed the update. Until then it showed in the updates: InControl Touch Pro Version 19C_ ..
    Now the display comes: Infotainment software:% 1 and the Version S20A ..
    Question: Why now the information changed to" infotainment and what is% 1? What picture do you have?
    Can you please send me a photo of your display informatoion? Thanks a lot…Thomas

  2. ukcarver

    Thank you for your answer I just needed to have an idea of what other ipace owners use. I find you are a great help especially not the dealers are closed, although some of them are not that good.

  3. T D

    Trank you. I Hope this Update is coming to Germany as well.
    Much More Important would be a Update for the BMS. The charging Performance is very bad…

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