Jaguar I-PACE | Tesla Challenge

In an electrifying 0mph-60mph-0mph challenge, Mitch Evans and Jaguar I-PACE go head-to-head against Tony Kanaan and the Tesla Model X 75D and 100D, to showcase the instant acceleration and braking power of our first EV.

Discover Jaguar’s five seater sports car:

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25 Replies to “Jaguar I-PACE | Tesla Challenge”


    Jaguar has 656 liter stroge volume, Model S has 849 liter, Model X 2490 liter. Jaguar has gearbox tunnel in front of back seat. This is bad. Tesla has better specifications about everything.

  2. yamada koji

    We welcome the spread of electric vehicles as a means of solving environmental problems in the world.

  3. YDLB

    Je ne vois pas l'intérêt d'une telle confrontation qui ne correspond pas à l'objectif de ces véhicules pour lesquels c'est plutôt Sécurité, Confort, Modernité ! J'ai pourtant conduis la Modèle S P90D… Ce fut "époustouflant", une autre Vision de l'Automobile ! L'aspect archaïque de "se tirer la bourre" est complètement HORS SUJET et d'autant plus , dans les règles du "traffic" actuel …!

  4. AKzebraMiner

    Nobody is going to buy it. And you’re not going to convince anyone just because the I-Pace has a .2 faster time than the 100D.

    Also, the acting was terrible. Terrible on purpose to trick people into thinking they were racing a P100D without lying. Good job Jaguar…

  5. The Hiver

    So… Jaguar spend thousands of dollars to show us that
    1) The car is ugly compared to Tesla with an ugly front grill and a fatty look
    2) They don't dare compete against Tesla fast Models but only the slow ones, trying to manipulate us ?

    This is like an advert for Tesla, paid with the money of Jaguar

  6. Adam Slowik

    If Tesla carried out such a test, exactly the same, what would win? Pretty sure it would be Tesla! It only depends who makes a test!
    All in all, this Jaguar is a pretty nice car.

  7. Jeremy Smith

    The $100k Tesla lost. No point arguing it. The race should be the premium Model 3 versus the Ipace since the prices are near the same now (thanks to Tesla reducing its price to be competitive).

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