Jaguar I-Pace first impressions

I checked out the Jaguar I-Pace in a showroom. Unfortunately, I was not able to drive or to click on the displays. It was set in showroom mode which limited pretty much everything. At least you get my first impressions of the interior quality, seat space and overall looks.

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42 Replies to “Jaguar I-Pace first impressions”

  1. Just You

    Using Jaguar brand for 18+ years and this is my horrible review with the I-PACE.
    I've had a horrible experience with Jaguar's I-Pace. I had the vehicle for a year, and have only been able to drive it for approximately 2k miles. It has had issues with battery, software malfunction, charging system, and even when you would try to start the car it would make noises. Its a shame that Jaguar has tainted its brand with such a problematic car.
    If you want to be walking to places instead of driving, BUY a Jaguar I-PACE.

  2. usertogo

    I'd like you to make a video about lithium battery second live markets, maybe you have connections to find out about what is going to be quite a valuable commodity! I design solar muscle electro tribrids myself, do report about inventors like me if you find them!

  3. leftcoaster67

    Nothing wrong with a manual steering wheel. What's the big deal that it's limited to 125 mph? It's an SUV, not a F1 car. In Canada there's a 120 KM/H limit. Still gives you speed to get you into trouble. Unless you drive the Autobahn, not a big deal.

  4. william cox

    I do like Jag's, but two things would put me off, Reliability and ridiculous servicing costs, so it has that in common with Tesla.
    Did hear from a reliable source they had to ground all the test vehicles during its development, due to them driving off on there own.
    Had to chuckle over that, as imagined a conversation between a couple of Brummie factory workers, "Fred go fetch test vehicle 23" Sorry boss it fucked off 20 minutes ago.

  5. sean kirby

    Jaguar using electricity, you what? Their cars are so unreliable, hardly anyone buys them. Indian-owned, because even Ford couldn't sort Jag out. Now they're trying to reinvent themselves using the electrics that they have most trouble with. You couldn't make it up. Buy one of these and you'll die young, pushing it every time it breaks down. You will meet a lot of new friends. Every breakdown guy where you live. I'm British and we assemble these heaps of crap, but we never buy them.

  6. Kevin W

    I prefer my model 3, too many buttons is like owning a blackberry. I used about 30% of the buttons on my Lexus. My iphone X has 3 buttons and it works great. Times are changing, car manufacturers will eventually follow just like cell phones did when iphones came out.

  7. Robert Smith

    There seem to be a fair number of 22 kw AC chargers appearing in the UK so it is a pity it can't take advantage of this (it can't be that expensive to do this because the Zoe has it).

  8. no further west

    why do traditional car makers have to make electric cars look weird? make them look great but normal like telsa. tesla's look slightly futuristic but not weird. This type of thinking will hold the traditional car makers will back from mainstream sales.

  9. Joe Bold

    Design wise, this car is a sore I my eyes. Also, the interior look unnecessarily cramped and overstuffed with things and knobs. It also looks like you have a bad visibility in it.
    If I had the money, I would not buy it.


    4:34 what you prefer to go UP and DOWN , after that LEFT or RIGHt and after that DEEPH with bottons? that take to much time. Like i see you make in video its more fast and exactly and just fix it when you found good position for your arms. I really like This Jaguar I-Pace.
    But Tesla have my respect for what he start doing. and i am sure in the future will improve the interior and his confort quality just give them time until electric car take the place over ICE cars.

  11. Patrick McSwain

    Errata – The Model 3 starts at $50,000 USD for the RWD variant in black. The boot in the i-Pace is 25 cu. ft. The air suspension goes both up and down. It can increase it's ground clearance to 9.5" at the max setting, or lower the car 1.6" for ease of entry. It can cross 500mm of water. Charging and range specs are all over the place still. Documentation is not finished.

  12. j217red

    Excellent review but your I-Pace cargo numbers are inaccurate. It should be 25 cu ft and max of 52 cu ft which is much better than the M3 and closer to MX even though the MX is a much bigger vehicle as you noted.

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