Jaguar I-Pace EXCLUSIVE First Test Drive

I’m incredibly honoured to be one of the first people ever to drive the Jaguar I-Pace Concept and interview two of the great men behind this all new electric car.

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28 Replies to “Jaguar I-Pace EXCLUSIVE First Test Drive”

  1. Tevfik Tacar

    At first glance it looks like the love child of Seat and Lucid. Does is technically really need a front grill? A flat surface from passenger side to pedals is a Prius-type incident waiting to happen.

  2. ram64man

    Any news on the charge standard and charge rate, I really hope that jaguar fix that annoying tone from the noise maker, or allow users to turn it off that makes more noise than a 1.4 tsi

  3. Andreas Köhler

    Bit of sad that so little information was given with all these experts from Jaguar around (at least in the first half. Stopped after the 10th iteration about the beauty of the interior). Beautiful it is though. Nice to see that new concepts slowly move into the real world and we get rid of the 20th century interior constraints.

  4. Loanword Eggcorn

    Way overstyled, especially inside, and somewhat outside. So much so that it's distasteful. This is not a design that will age well either. Teslas are much more tastefully styled: balanced, classical beauty.

  5. Eric Mewhort

    One thing I really hate about most electric cars is how drastically different they look from conventional cars, especially in the front of the vehicle. The I-pace is one of the few beautiful electric cars, well done, Jaguar.

  6. tucsonshutterbug

    Driving 5mph in a straight line for a few hundred feet is not a first test drive. What exactly did you test – that a human can fit in the car? I wanted to see and hear your impressions of the car's handling and acceleration.

    I just kept watching the video and waiting for you to leave the parking structure and actually drive the car. Very misleading video title.

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