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The Jaguar I-Pace hit the ground running when it arrived last year, scooping up a number of awards thanks to its excellent driving dynamics and powertrain. But now it faces stiff competition from the Audi e-tron: the German manufacturer’s take on what a big, electric SUV should be. So which is better? In a first for DrivingElectric, we put both cars through a series of tests to see which comes out on top…

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48 Replies to “Jaguar I-Pace EV400 vs Audi e-tron 55 quattro – DrivingElectric”

  1. Bert T

    What lets this car down, and many others (excepting Tesla) is that the car manufacturers rely on third party electrical charge station suppliers leading to problems such as differing plug points, charging time, having to download apps. to use the charger, if you find a charger suitable for your car. Look at Tesla who have their own charge points over a growing number of places, simply scan your bank card and charge your car. Unless other manufacturers follow suit then Tesla will be the less hastle car to have in regard to charging your battery. Maybe manufacurers can emulate Tesla in uniformity of charging stations for charging any brand of vehicle ( petrol cars have a uniform petrol entry port enabling fills at any station irrespecrive of station owner) but don't hold your breath.

  2. Monsta Munch

    Given that real world range is very similar, all I care about is the interior. I don't care about 0-60 or any of that nonsense, I just want comfort and a smooth, intuitive UX. Audi wins.

  3. M. A.

    I have the iPace. Still love the looks of it but I do regret my choice. When it is around zero degrees I only get a 140 miles range out of it… And it comes with a one phase charger which is utterly useless on the continent. It takes 20 hours to charge at home. A Tesla (or the Audi) take less than 8 hours with their 3 phase chargers. So great looks but poor usability.
    Oh and my teenage daughters hate the back seats as the roof line is in their way and they cannot look out the window as it is too small..

  4. Jamie Myerscough

    I have had an i pace since last October. I love driving it but sadly it has been besieged with battery and ‘engine issues’. It has spent 7 weeks off the road so far and on Friday I had to wave goodbye as it left on the back of a tow truck ……. again! 😫

  5. coleman72

    That drag race drove stake thru audi lovers, christ would the nissan leaf done better? prefer the jag drive too, and the range,also the cable storage in the audi is laughable..not even close to me jaguar hands down and I aint a Jag fan either tbh.

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