Jaguar I-PACE Electric SUV – Thermal Management

Controlling temperature is important for any car, but it is especially important for electric vehicles like I-PACE Concept and Jaguar’s I-TYPE Formula E race car. In racing, effective thermal management means drivers can compete faster and longer out on track. For road cars such as I-PACE Concept, drivers can gain up to 50km more range between charges.

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5 Replies to “Jaguar I-PACE Electric SUV – Thermal Management”

  1. Just You

    Using Jaguar brand for 18+ years and this is my horrible review with the I-PACE.
    I've had a horrible experience with Jaguar's I-Pace. I had the vehicle for a year, and have only been able to drive it for approximately 2k miles. It has had issues with battery, software malfunction, charging system, and even when you would try to start the car it would make noises. Its a shame that Jaguar has tainted its brand with such a problematic car.
    If you want to be walking to places instead of driving, BUY a Jaguar I-PACE.

  2. NOLVER53

    Zeibart said that any amount of energy created within the vehicle is used to either heat up the battery or the internal compartment.

    Now, isn't heating up the battery something Jaguar would want to avoid? I would think that heating up the battery would pose an increased risk for vehicle fires. I would assume that cooling of the cars' battery would be the better idea.

    Can anyone provide any insight on this?

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