Jaguar I-PACE | Electric Elegance with Ian Callum

Formula E provides a fast-track test bed for perfecting the electric technologies in our next generation of road cars, starting with I-PACE. Join Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, as he reveals exactly why our first electric performance SUV is still a true Jaguar sports car.

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18 Replies to “Jaguar I-PACE | Electric Elegance with Ian Callum”


    Good Job Jaguar. please dont forget sound becuase i like play music on car when i travel. I go for Land Rover now because i dont have so much money for this I-Pace but i like you interior quality. Hasta luego desde España.

  2. Bruce Burns

    From what I have seen from pre production models getting around and I hope it isn't true but they have ruined the front of the car by not bringing the bonnet right to the front and have that ugly crack 6 inches from the front like all the jag cars , they don't do it on the Range Rovers or the Land Rovers so why the jags , it looks flimsy and misaligned .

  3. pangrac1

    That obsolete fake grille is ridiculous. Does is it also got fake tailpipe? In video you are saying "this is the future", no fake grille is not the future, it only scream we are scared of client reaction, we are scared of the future. Electric cars are about efficiency not about creating more air drag and turbulencies. This just anxiety marketing and not technology pioneering. Even SUV and crossovers are just marketing.

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