Jaguar I-Pace driven – see why Tesla should be worried | Mat Vlogs

While I was at Geneva Motor Show, I was given the chance to duck out of the glitz and glamour of the shiny stands for an exclusive drive of the all-new electric Jaguar I-Pace! Watch the video to see my ‘in-depth’ review…

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40 Replies to “Jaguar I-Pace driven – see why Tesla should be worried | Mat Vlogs”

  1. Hot Stock Girl

    Tesla has nothing to worry about. Jaguar must be using Tesla's old battery technology from 2014. The Jaguar looks nice inside and out and is quick from a stoplight. But it is overpriced and the batteries take way to long to recharge. Bummer.

  2. Vaughan Ellis

    Tesla should be worried that the conventional mainstream manufactures are now getting their own EV's in to the market place where they already dealer network and logistics in-place and if they listen to the customers who do not need the full on tech feast and build simpler, cheaper EV's they'd be out stripping Tesla, while Tesla are still struggling to build the cars they have on pre-order.

  3. Edward Mitchell

    I just ran a search on jaguar i-pace sales figures and came up with around 300 cars sold world wide thus far so the public doesn't seem to be getting behind Jaguar right now concerning this car. Thus Tesla really hasn't any concerns about this car as it's just not selling. Kinda sucks as it looks like they really tried but as always came out saying they are a "Tesla Killer" which just isn't a good thing to do looking at Tesla's large following they have managed to drum up over time.
    Anyway the sales numbers just are there for Jaguar right now for anyone to be getting excited about this car as the numbers don't lie. Maybe if they would come out saying we are joining Tesla in it's goals to move away from fossil fuel vehicles they might get some people interested.

  4. EV Lover

    Boys just see how shitty and bad the interior is.. Teene meene center screen?. Blind spots?. Teene meene boot space? Teenee meene frunk? or glove box?. fake grill?. bad seatbelt covers?. worst headroom at back?. knobs for climate controls??. what??????. teene meene displays?. and on top of it comparing it to Teslas?.. what??>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. TheWitchfinderGenral

    Absolutely love this car, but the "S" trim level (which is the only one I could realistically afford) comes with the most abysmal-looking 18" wheels. I know Jag want you to upgrade, but they are really grim. The look like they came off a late 90s Mondeo.

  6. Corey Nobles

    Can the i-Pace take me and my six friends to a concert? I didn’t think so. It’s neither a Model X NOR Model S competitor (Model S is even a seven passenger if it’s fitted with the 3rd row jump seat). Stop mentioning any Tesla and this vehicle together when the only thing they have in common is the fact they use a plug to operate.

  7. 真実Yaasir

    I absolutely don't know why Britishers get excited about Jaguar and LandRover. It's not British car anymore. It's Bloody Indian crap! Bloody Indian TATA vehicle.
    Tesla doesn't have to worry about Indian craps. I don't know why are so proud of with Jaguar. If I were you, I would be feeling shame to get into that car.

  8. Роман Мавроян

    that's fun. jaguar made a competitor for tesla car. Which means another EV. Which has a battery pack. Which must be charged with electricity. Which already comes from tesla solar plants, tesla solar roofs and tesla power walls. And even if none of those existed, they still have to make charging stations all around the globe and make sure there's electricity in every corner of the world to keep i-pace going.
    So… where's the competition? Sounds to me like they're actually helping tesla

  9. GT Cars - POV Test Drives

    Tesla should not be worried. It takes 90 minutes to fast charge an I-Pace to 80% (50 kW CCS, the ones that are currently available) while a Tesla does the same job in 30 to 50 minutes (at a Tesla Supercharger). If Jaguar can tackle this problem (which means, install 1000's of 100 kW CCS chargers, or buy access to the Tesla Superchargers), and if they can buy enough batteries, yes, then, Tesla should be worried. Or maybe bot, because Tesla actually wants competition!

    That being said, I think Jaguar has put a lof of effort in this I-Pace. Congrats!

  10. AwesomeSauce

    It's so stupid to say Tesla should be worried or they'll go out of business because of competition. Electric car market is growing faster than any of the manufacturers can keep up. Does other car companies go out of business when a bigger manufacturer releases a new car. Plus Tesla has several advantages over other automakers just entering EV market. Ex: They have their own battery manufacturing, they have the largest charging network. Jaguar has none of that so far. Competition is also a good thing as it would mean Tesla would have to step it up in the quality department.

  11. Raymond

    Design – IPace
    Build Quality – IPace
    Price – IPace
    Technology – Model X
    Performance – Model X
    Practicality – Model X

    Just for the over the air updates, autopilot, and huge windshield, probably go with the model X. I saw the front trunk of the IPace. It's so tiny, I don't know why they bothered.

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