Jaguar I-Pace accelerating to 200 km/h, 125 mph

Speedometer is 4-8 km/h off. The acceleration times were measured according to GPS speed.

Special thanks to Bilbutikk1 for lending me the car 🙂

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34 Replies to “Jaguar I-Pace accelerating to 200 km/h, 125 mph”

  1. Kacper Ziajka

    Looking for a reasonably intelligent answer: Why do these more common electric cars basically die accelerating past 200 where electric cars like the Rimac do not? Is it the motor size and calibration, gearing (Swear they can have gears) or, what? I don't know so I'm asking.

  2. Paul Mansfield

    GPS speed lags because it measures speed by seeing how far you've moved in the last second or tenth of a second (depending on the gps). You need a calibrated accelerometer (basically they measure force) to do tests like this properly.

  3. Dave Stokes

    Hits the pedal actually at 7 frames in (0.2s), bit of lag as Björn said (which Jag could help) then 105km/h at 5.4sec (allowing for 5% Speedo overread) so I make it 5.2sec ?

  4. IMHO

    I-PACE may be programmed for soft start to give the drivetrain time to load up before applying full power, that way the drive unit doesn’t need to be replaced so often like on the Tesla. A recent Rich Rebuilds video showed how much spline wear the rotor shaft had, to the point they will need a new rotor and first reduction pinion, or a new drive unit.

    Some of the hesitation may be to emulate the lag of an ICE car with automatic transmission.

    Only time will tell how the I-PACE holds up compared to Tesla.

  5. Ecospider5

    It looks like about a 1 second delay from stomping on the petal, and it does not give full power till almost exactly 4 senconds.

    Does the model 3 have these delays. I don’t feel that the Leaf does. So I wonder if the Leaf is faster 0-10 mph.

    But really this is way more power than most people need. I am going to be driving my Model 3 in chill mode.

  6. Legominder

    o-oh, these values are not that great. If you compare it to Tesla (also Model 3).
    Although irrelevant in real life, not that good for an 80 000 € electric car…

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