14 Replies to “Jaguar I-PACE 19MY | How to Charge”

  1. Just You

    Using Jaguar brand for 18+ years and this is my horrible review with the I-PACE.
    I've had a horrible experience with Jaguar's I-Pace. I had the vehicle for a year, and have only been able to drive it for approximately 2k miles. It has had issues with battery, software malfunction, charging system, and even when you would try to start the car it would make noises. Its a shame that Jaguar has tainted its brand with such a problematic car.
    If you want to be walking to places instead of driving, BUY a Jaguar I-PACE.

  2. Cyber DCS

    Test drove it, very nice EV. Price could be a lot better, cut in half, and range really should be 300m– not 240m. In my opinion, those with range anxiety would not consider this vehicle but 300 mile range and home structured with EV 240 plug, would make this EV very ideal.

  3. sujith sathishkumar

    Excellent idea but the thing is like the hybrid vehicle while traveling the charge gets discharged and in ideal running (engine) the battery will be getting charged easily likewise instead of searching for charging station & reducing charging time for the users we can apply this technology for electric vehicle also.

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