J-Capri's Father Kenneth Phillips Speaks

In life she was barely known in her home country Jamaica and in death many are still learning about who she was. We are talking about the late Jordan Phillips otherwise known as J Capri and who better to help with answers than her father Kenneth Phillips.

35 Replies to “J-Capri's Father Kenneth Phillips Speaks”

  1. Junior Smith

    Fuck his daddy cause he sing off and the blood sacrifice to take out his daughter out of this world smfh she sacrifice for Russian for riches and fame it so sad to say these music industry are some Whicked people in it

  2. Ambitious_queen _godbless

    How is it irrelevant to say how she died 🤔 “She was alone in the car” and what else? The most important part is right about now and take her fans outta dem misery is the facts so we don’t speculate and know there was no foul play intended??? We love Ja and want to know exactly what the truth is and as her father, he should be able to tell us close to what happened if not everything. So right there,”red flag” 🚩🚩🚩🚩 Bullshit

  3. kerry con

    her family helped kill her. and they got blood donated that went to the rich of the world who sip blood . research vlad the impaler ("dracula") being related to royalty and their drinkinng blood.

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