It’s Here! IKEA Tradfri Color Changing Smart Bulb Review

It’s your early holiday gift – the just-released full-color TRÅDFRI smart LED bulb from IKEA! Comes pre-paired with a cool remote to start having fun with colors immediately and works with the other IKEA products…and does work with Philips Hue, too.

UPDATE: IKEA has updated the TRADFRI app and decent palette of colors can be chosen from their app. No traditional color wheel or more in-between colors, but it’s a start.

These full-color bulbs are now listed on the IKEA site –

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20 Replies to “It’s Here! IKEA Tradfri Color Changing Smart Bulb Review”

  1. Johan Kesti

    I own two of these and use them with Philips Hue bridge. The fact is, they are buggy. They flicker hourly, and if you have a color set for that bulb, it will be reset to the neutral warm white. One of the Ikea Trådfri developers is on Reddit and has said that they've yet to identify the culprit for the flickering, but it's a known issue. There isn't a firmware fix for it currently. The flicker means that the bulb powers off and switches on rapidly, and loses its color setting while doing this.

    Had I known about this issue, I would've bought the original Philips bulbs. Frustrating, expected better from Ikea.

  2. Roy Rugani Jr

    I am still only finding the ones with a kit…do they sell separately w/o kit yet? If not, that is not a good deal if you're wanting color lighting and none are available by themselves.

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