48 Replies to “Is The Parrot Bebop still good to buy in 2018”

  1. Drone On

    I think Mr. Worship failed to also mention 3rd party app support with a robust waypointing system. Yes this can also fly fully automous and it does it very well.
    Dan, get some rest my friend.

  2. Alex DRONEIRO

    Olá amigo n sei se irá entender minha língua. Mais estou com problema não estou conseguindo conectar meu drone no amplificador de sinal pois ele n conecta n seio o q fazer já tentei de tudo

  3. Dave Henderson

    What kind of software do you like to use? I have the same set up but haven't gotten it up yet. any certain settings to use? i plan to do some specialized video where don't need any range really, only 300 feet up max and inside a 100 feet away

  4. Norman Ridgley

    I bought a refurbish one early in the year instead of a toy drone as my first drone. I totally agree as a video recording done, this one is hard to beat. I also use an WIFI extender ($20) and an IPEGA PG-9023 controller that expands to hold my 10" tablet between the left/right controllers. Its the only way to go. Controller only works with android operating systems though.

  5. Billy Darley

    this video looked good enough for me. same kinda filming i want to do. never understood keeping up with the Joneses. too expensive. dont need a dji inspire when this is plenty for me and far cheaper.

  6. joe biddy

    Well when I bought my Bebop 2 I found that not only would the battery in the Sky Controlled 2 not hold a charge, but had an obsolete battery in it which could not be replaced. Parrot told me they would replace the controller with one that had the new style battery. That was over a month ago. Finally they told me to send them my old controller and they would replace it, that was two weeks and two phone calls ago, and I still have heard nothing and I have no controller at all. Might be a good drone as long as you don't trouble with it

  7. Colin Bruner

    I have the Bebop2 with Sky Controller2. If I add this one to the "stable" (great price) will it auto bind to my SC2? BTW, you did an awesome dance with those high power lines! Lol 👍

  8. ChrisNSF

    It's my first drone and the plan was to get used to flying and then eventually upgrade. A year on and I really don't feel the need to upgrade. Very easy to fly and a bunch of fun. Loved your footage as I started to fly mine around football (soccer) fields too to get used to it.

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