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33 Replies to “Is The Incredible Hulk [SNES] Worth Playing Today? – SNESdrunk”

  1. JediKnightMark 35

    I enjoyed this game as a kid and as an adult I think it's okay. One major gripe was always having to fight the same miniboss every level. They couldn't have come up with a different enemy? This game is probably nothing special but I still enjoy it for nostalgia sake.

  2. Fxeni

    I remember finding a glitch that would make you invincible back when I was a kid. I don't remember the specifics anymore, but I seem to recall it having to do with being crushed in a specific way.

    Anyways, seeing this brought back fun memories of times with my dad.

  3. Josh Dillon

    This game falls flat in almost every aspect for me. I couldn't stand it and I've given it more than one try.
    I want to see a Hulk game where he's very large and imposing. One where every move feels massive, through the use of huge smash sounds, screen shaking effects, and things in the background being affected by his every move, like windows breaking. I can't think of any game that really captures how large and powerful Hulk is and if anyone ever get it right, I think the game would be a SMASH hit.

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