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39 Replies to “Is The Combatribes Worth Playing Today? – SNESdrunk”

  1. Bearwolf13

    My grandfather used to have this arcade in his general store and I put in a ton of hours into it. I never knew it had a home release until I started looking up retro games list , and while the arcade game is superior there is something about playing beat em ups with a controller that is more satisfying to me. Another great game that had two decent home ports is Cadash here's hoping you'll get around to reviewing that one day. Love the videos man… especially the import games that never reached the states because it lets me know which games are worth the purchase…

  2. kikko

    The Combatribes is one of my pet favorites from childhood, and still is today. It's a game I rented so many times from the early to late '90s… I love that it takes place in bite-sized arenas as you mentioned. It always made it feel a little more real to me as a kid. What gang takes over entire countries? Whereas here Martha Splatterhead and her gang took over parts of New York which is much more feasible. But realism aside, this game just has a charm to it that takes me back to the early days of the SNES.

    If anyone wants to read more on this game, feel free to look at the link above.

  3. philthestampede

    Hey man. Could you take a half hour it so to make a playlist of your "reviews" from oldest to newest? You know, like the ones worth playing today and why the hype and all that? The one you have now goes from newest to oldest and we have to scroll a billion times to go to the beginning.

  4. Comrade .Black

    Did this game ever have a different name? I definitely remember playing this in the arcade, which was 3 player. I have been trying to figure out what it was called for years now, but I don't remember this name.

  5. Victoria Bella

    This was my favorite beat-em-up as a kid, and still holds a place in my heart. Thank you for covering this!

    PS: There's a cheat for 30 continues if you hold L , R, and Select on the 2nd controller and reset the game, and release them when the title screen appears.

  6. Joe Johns

    I was going to start a youtube channel for those looking for pure classic games content, and less annoying wannabe youtube directors (like AVGN). Your channel fills that void for me now. I'm glad I found it. I especially like the SNES action-rpg video. You dont do redundant things and make the videos about you. You have a simple, streamlined intro. So many youtube reviewers think people are here to watch them and their shitty directing/jokes. I'm here for the game content. Accessible and to the point. Great videos. Ive found a lot of interesting games to play now through your descriptions.

  7. Vasileios

    Fantastic game and by far better than the overrated Double Dragons trilogy.
    Its so intense and with many movements that you really feel playing a beat m up game,only few games did that.

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