Is Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow [SNES] Worth Playing Today? – SNESdrunk

Top 3 or 4 in the visual department, for sure…

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26 Replies to “Is Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow [SNES] Worth Playing Today? – SNESdrunk”

  1. Astfgl

    Personally I still prefer the original Donald Duck in Maui Mallard. The SNES and PC port Cold Shadow needlessly padded out the levels and added a bunch of collectibles to each. While it seems like a good idea to have more game, the additions end up ruining the pacing of the game IMHO. The original game was tightly designed, stayed fresh throughout and the levels never outwore their welcome. It’s too bad that version never got a physical release outside of Europe.

  2. Hazel Hen

    this was one of my childhood games. Its seriously good, even without nostalgia goggles – id even say its one of the best on the SNES.
    Something you didnt really touch on is how EERIE everything feels. The visuals look bright and the music sounds happy, but mixed together… its ominous and spooky! Its a vicious haunted island adventure. Just recently I reminded my father of this game – even he said this game gave him a creeped-out feeling when he watched us kids play it.
    (He thought the Ninja training ground level was particularly frightening. For me it was the volcano level, the music, colours and the rising lava made me feel anxious and consider what it would be like to slowly cook to death…)
    It's a classic and makes a surprisingly good halloween game. Donald Duck trying to find and collect the lost spirit of a dead guy in order to stop an evil witchdoctor.

  3. lalaxbo

    This game was an awesome and fun game 😃😊. I thought when i was a kid that it was really cool and awesome that Maui turned into a Ninja ! That was the coolest idea in a Disney game 🙂 . The Ninja levels were awesome and i always wanted to be Cold Shadow / Ninja .

  4. ArcaneAzmadi

    The camera problem can be summarised quite simply: in most 2D platformers, the camera keeps the player character right in the center of the screen. Sometimes this means there's not enough room in front of the character for the player to see obstacles coming in time, so the SNES port of this game sets the camera so Maui Mallard is halfway to the side, with 1/4 of the screen behind his back and 3/4 of it in front of him. Unfortunately they didn't thin this through properly, because it means every time he so much as turns around the entire screen has to swing half of its width across to the other side. The Genesis version's camera is better because Maui's position is only about 1/3 of the way out from the edge of the screen, reducing the distance the screen has to move and making it less jarring. That said, it's really weird seeing a Donald Duck story where Donald is portrayed as cool or badass, because he's normally a goofball, a loser, or a jerk, depending on the interpretation.

  5. CartoonFan9Million

    Would anyone like it if Maui Mallard and Cold Shadow were to be in the NEW DuckTales show that has been around since 2017, if so, then would you want Donald Duck to be Maui Mallard and Cold Shadow, or would you like Maui Mallard and Cold Shadow to be a different Duck from Donald?

  6. John Doe

    So for all intents and purposes the US only saw an SNES version. I would hope that a pal version would work on a US Genesis but I have no idea. I probably just go with the SNES version.

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