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  1. Cafeman

    I loved the Genesis version BITD. I'm currently replaying it on Sega CD which has atmospheric music added and FMV sequences which load surprisingly fast.

  2. Saboth

    I had this game as a kid for Sega and it was one of the few games where I just couldn't make any progress at all. No clue what to do or where to go, the platforming was difficult and starting over very frustrating.

  3. Quintin Zachary Hewlett

    this game was not designed for genesis and the genesis is not the definitive version. Flashback was developed and first released on AMIGA in 1992 then ported to MSDOS computers and consoles in 1993. always a good idea to check out what's going on with computers before making grand statements about console games. many genesis games were ports from amiga

  4. Sly88Frye

    Come to think of it I think I remember seeing my oldest brother actually play this game but I thought it was a PlayStation game back then. Perhaps I saw him play this on the SNES. there is also the possibility I watched a different game but I swear it looked like this one

  5. anonymous Citizen

    never played the genesis, but played it on the SNES. I think I was around 12 when I played it. It took about a week before I really got into it though, as back then there was no easy sources to explain games back then (i did have Nintendo power though) but after that I liked it a lot.

  6. Tom Mendy

    Just got it on sale for the switch for like 4$ (5frs) thanks the new option to come back in time when you screw up I'm able to enjoy this game.
    I remember trying it as a kid and understanding absolutely nothin on how to play. It's way more comfortable on the switch, but if you buy it there make sure it is during a sale.

  7. genius2012

    I didn’t have the patience for this or “Blackthorne” when I was a teenager, but I just recently went back and replayed them and had a lot of fun. Both can be frustrating at times, but I’m still impressed with what they did at that time.

  8. SirGriefALot

    This game was the shit!
    If you took the time to learn the controls, this and Out of This World were such a different experience from everything else. It somehow felt like a computer game or a CD game.

  9. AudioAndroid

    You damn right its worth playing today, tomorrow, I want you all to go to your Windows and open them up and stick your head outside and scream the loudest you can and say "THIS GAMES HARD AS HELL AND I AINT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

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