Is Amazon Recording Everything You Say Around Your Echo? | Is Alexa Listening to You?

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31 Replies to “Is Amazon Recording Everything You Say Around Your Echo? | Is Alexa Listening to You?”

  1. Desirea Kakos

    They say that she does, but as the video says, it's only stored for 60 Seconds. At least that is what they say. However, much like you're phone, if it is connected to the internet, then it runs a risk of being hacked.

  2. Jack Paul Paul

    You guys may not know this but Apple watches websites you go on if they find a seemingly suspicious website that u went on I tried this a lot of times eg I went on a malware site and set it up for ip grabber then I checked who went on it it said sky plc with a Mozilla phone weird right?

  3. Alto's Music Lab

    you're about 50 years too slow, they are not listening "to you", they are listening… period always for their benefit and your downfall, does Alexa send mishaps from billionaires homes? no. [][][][] Alexa doesn't know WHO is talking,.. it doesn't say "I'm sorry DAVE",.. Alexa works for noise if it sounds like a command right? without verifying whom is speaking? It's not listening 'to' you, at all it's just listening. and that is bad.

  4. Mike Joseph

    So 20 million Alexa units have been sold so far. This would mean that Amazon must hire that many people to sit there and listen to your every word. Not to mention all the smart phone listeners.

  5. Nicki N

    I cannot believe that people would be so naive as to think that their questions are NOT being recorded. Our computers record our searches and keep soliciting us with past searches we have done, our cell phones have GPS capacity to track our movement, Drones are sold as "Toys" and people buy them. If you buy these kind of technologies, you allow these technological spies (the items) into your life. People should just not purchase them. Done. Do not get upset with a machine! Thanks for you video though, it was cool! I have always thought…can people not even consider that computers and other tech items, that are manufactured outside of North America have the possibility of being able to track and access all info processed through them. They made the computers and can program them to do anything they want it to, the unsuspecting purchaser allows it into their homes. Well, knowing what government's reputation is like when it comes to "classified" information, does Alexa or Echo really surprise you!??

  6. Kenny Monsters

    I love how people buy these things and then go all to hell when they find out that they're recording your voice and all your information and that it can be called upon by the government. This is the world we live in now. Corporations are at war with each other for any competitive advantage that they can exploit to get your money and this is the result…intuitive devices that listen to keywords you say so that they can sell you more stuff. Is this not the convenience you wanted? You didn't want to get off the couch to turn the lights on or go to the grocery store for more pop tarts remember? You wanted to just sit on your butt and have it done for you. This is what you asked for

  7. Phil Ad

    People should not worry about Amazon listening to private conversation. What is Amazon going to do with know you burp or your and your friends talk way to much about ginger cookies The concern should be hackers who turn it into a telephone to spy on you or some hijacks the echo to control your home security system.

  8. Phil Ad

    You can take this further. You can try to read the packages echo sends to Amazon. It may be in JSON or YAML; and so you can read it and do some interesting analysis.

  9. UncleFeedle

    What I'd like to know is whether it sends data upon hearing audio cues other than the wake word. For example, words such as explosion, bomb, assassinate, terrorism, president, kill, etc. or such words in Arabic.

  10. Josh Parry

    The test you need to do is ask Alexa using a recording of you saying Alexa followed by 3 questions and then see how much data it sends. Then you need to talk for 15 seconds and then play the same recording. Compare the data sent. If the data is larger, that means Alexa is sending what it heard before the trigger word, which is where the danger would lie.

  11. mrbr549

    Interesting comparison, but is there any way to determine how much of your reading for the echo without using the trigger word was just random noise inherent in electronics circuits, some background handshaking between tcp/ip hosts, and/or how much is actual usable data? I don't think so. I'm not defending the Amazon Echo, just not sure there is any way to reliably know if it does in fact record everything or not. My Guess is that it does not, but I can't say for sure. Thanks!

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