iRobot’s Roomba Vacuum Review- Does it live up to its hype?

Irobot Roomba Review. The Robotic vacuum cleaner review. Is the Roomba robot vacuum hype? Will Roomba clean well or bad? GoVacuum reviews the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

The 21st century mind is obsessed with automating almost every aspect of its daily life. Ideally, technology can help with automating the parts of life that aren’t necessarily fun. Vacuuming can be a laborious process and that’s why for many, a robotic vacuum appears to be a must have in the modern household. The question remains, however, “does this robotic vacuum actually work?”

In this video, GoVacuum tests out a iRobot Roomba vacuum and explains all its benefits and limitations. Enjoy.

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38 Replies to “iRobot’s Roomba Vacuum Review- Does it live up to its hype?”

  1. dmerritt4ever

    not bad but going by the quality of how, idk, poorly? it cleans i would say it is well not worth the price unless your physically unable to vacuum. as far as the quality of cleaning, it cleans about as well as a 20$ vacuum made some time in the late 90's

  2. Greg Cherrett

    Just to clarify, I believe this model is one of the first, the newer ones pick up much better, don't get stuck on tassled rugs or most wires, have a longer battery life (about 1hr45), return to their docking station to recharge when low and their bins are now big enough to do a whole clean on roughly 4 rooms before emptying if used regularly (first time there will obviously be more to pick up). Only downside is they can get caught under things that slope down in a wedge. Just some facts for you people who are interested as I've just purchased one 🙂

  3. Paul Biechmann

    'In between' vacuum cleans? Who the hell would do those, just do one vacuum, once however often you want, properly. A vacuum that only gets 'most of the stuff' is useless – the whole point is to do it all/properly. LOL at all the fat people who thought this device would save their lazy/lardy asses time. And LOL at the iRobot, it looks like a typcially cheap and nasty piece of Chinese garbage, like everything else that comes out of that country.

  4. Steve Mangiameli

    I just got my first Roomba… It is doing it's first run right now… I keep my windows open all year round, and wanted this too help control the dust (and dog hair)… The virtual walls are a great plus to keep it out of certain areas, i.e. computer cables, electronics, etc…

  5. Dodge Boy

    neat little mechine, but only one problem, this will only make people lazy, don't get me wrong, i live this thing, i just don't want to be lazy, but it is very tempting

  6. frunko3

    I disagree 100% I ran a full size vacuum before running my new roomba for the first time, and I had to empty the roomba twice it picked up so much more dirt. The only thing you need with a roomba is a shop vac or a handheld to get stairs, and dusting area. The roomba vacuums every other day and keeps my dust levels so much lower I rarely have to dust. Also it gets under bed and spaces that no one vacuums often enough. Now they are getting done every other.

  7. GoVacuums

    We arree 100%. A Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is great for supplemental cleaning in between vacuuming with your ful size canister vacuum, upright vacuum or central vacuum.

  8. MegaAstroFan18

    What you said is accurate; it's no replacement for a full-sized, full blown vacuum. But as a small tool for basic cleaning it's fine. I could foresee it also being useful for cleaning of those little dirt trails left when you try to sweep things up.

  9. Grandam1999

    Actually, The Discovery Series are the 2nd gen. 1st gen, the original look a bit different with smaller dust bin. I have one but it's dead.(My own fault btw, by letting it tangled on the blinder strings under the bed….) I have orderred the new 555 and it may get here tomorrow, but Discovery is the 2nd gen, 500s and 700 series are actually the third gen. Just so you know.

  10. DragonCore87

    stestowałem roombe na chacie, rewelka 🙂 lepsze jest odkurzanie "ręczne" no ale jak ktos wychodzi z domu to moze zostawic roombe wlaczona i on(a) sama posprzata i sie doładuje po drodze 🙂

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