iRobot Roomba 980: A week with review

iRobot’s smart robotic vacuum cleaner the Roomba 980 looks good on paper, but how does it do in practical terms? Jon Porter captures a week in the life with a Roomba 980 to show you how it performs.

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  1. Michelle Stewart

    I really wanted to finish but these comments are killing me, people. People are so freaking rude and judgmental these days. Watch the damn review and see if you like what it does. But being hateful and horrible to someone just because you can, keyboard warriors, what's the point? Make this world a little better and be nice. Jesus!

  2. Michelle Stewart

    OMG, the people on this thread are freaking hateful and judgy. I vacuumed twice a week with an upright before the Roomba and the first time I ran it, just like everything states, you'll have to clean it out three or four times to get through one pass because it is so much more efficient than an upright. Just because you had to clean it out a lot, which is perfectly normal, doesn't mean he's dirty. Everybody is so freaking judgy! Let's take a walk through all your houses and see what it looks like.. No? I thought not

  3. Stanton Taylor

    You were a brave sole showing your home to the world. As many have said, you first need to straighten up your house. You and your mates are messy, unorganized slobs. Mattresses on the floor? Good God, get a bed frame. But of course you should know this. That said I agree with your findings. The Roomba does work. It's surprising the amount of dirt it finds. You need to vacuum a lot and continuously at first. It you need to empty the bin a lot then you need to keep vacuuming. Eventually Roomba will get a handle on things. Expensive? We'll, you didn't vacuum before but now you do. I'd say it is worth every penny. It works. It works very well on a house that is squared away.

  4. Gwendolyn Flowers

    Bin is just too small. Shameful. Make a bigger bin, why don’t they?

    I have the ECOVACS N97S and it has a big bin, quiet. And has a big bin with filter and two brushes. It pretty smarts with with an app and a remote.

  5. J -

    You are the reason terminator has to visit us one more time. Goddamn it it's not humanity's fault this guy lives in a literal cave and has to put this poor robot through so much cruelty.

  6. Metanoia

    pro tip: Clean your house thoroughly before you start using Roomba, its not meant to do extreme deep cleaning hence the small bin. Roomba excels as an over all maintenance robot keeping things more clean efficiently after one initial manual cleaning of the house. That way you're reducing the amount of times you have to empty the bin, thus reducing how often you empty it, making it much more of a convenient part of your cleaning schedule, instead of a constant chore of emptying it and picking up what it was not able to, which was perfectly demonstrated in this vid. lol

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