IRobot Roomba 880 Review and Demo

A demo and review of my new Roomba 880. Please keep in mind I am a regular person and this is not an expert opinion.

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  1. Ron Turnbull

    Horrible… Horrible…. Horrible experience with this product and irobot customer service.

    If you were not aware, this product fails miserably on carpets or rugs that have light and dark areas together. The unit is unable to deal with the contrast and your carpet will not be cleaned. You will only discover this shortcoming AFTER you purchase the item.. They won't warn you and risk losing your business. This means you need to vacuum by hand, which defeats the purpose. IRobot knows all about this and is working on a new model. Pretty sad that this is the best they could do and knowingly decided to pawn this off on customers.

    It also gets stuck easily under furniture meaning the job won't be done when you get home.

    Other than that, it works fine on other surfaces.

  2. Marcin Kawka

    Many roomba's has dock problems after some time… I already was able to fix it. Roomba's are good, but not perfect. Anyway i bought the newest model 🙂 I'll make a test in a month maybe, because now is in the box and i don't have even time to do unboxing 🙂 Now on my channel is only 880 and how to repair problem with docking:)

  3. Alec Bishop

    I bought one of these so my fat ass can sit on the couch and be lazy, not realizing that would have to get off my fat ass and empty it. I thought an $700 vac would empty itself in the trash. so I returned it guess I'll have to put down my aerosol cheese and vacuum the house my self with the normal $80 vacuum.

  4. Kmmc2011

    What is with all these judge-y comments on the 2 months of no vacuuming? Y'all do realise there could be a variety of reasons for it, right? She could've been overseas, staying somewhere else, taking care of someone in a hospital. Just appreciate the genuine review already – keep this up and the only "reviews" we're going to be seeing on youtube are by promoters & marketers.

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