IPhone XS, XS Max and XR annoucement in 5 minutes

Apple introduced the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR at its September 12th event. The XS is similar to last year’s iPhone X but has a higher dynamic range. The XS Max will be the larger 6.5 inch screen version. The XR will be an LCD version and include only one rear facing camera. All will be using the new A12 Bionic chip which Apple claims is the smartest and fastest chip in a smartphone.

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38 Replies to “IPhone XS, XS Max and XR annoucement in 5 minutes”

  1. Jonathan Lozano

    I'll not buy the iPhone XS Max because the screen is not full screen, the apple developers are super smart but at the same time are super stupid, why the don't put the full screen, at this time all the people want full screen, we want a amazing screen in our hands

  2. Sonja Simoes Payne

    Didn’t they say the same about the iPhone X? Which I have and paid over 1,000 for and to tell you the truth it was a waste of my money. Not upgrading this time until they come out with something amazing like no other or doesn’t look the same as you previous iPhone.

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