48 Replies to “iPhone XS Smart Battery Case! $129 Brick or Beast?”

  1. Homero Avila

    I regret the purchase. The case isn’t smart. The phone is 100% and the case slowly drains, like 5-10 percent an hour. It trickle charges the phone instead of letting the phone battery drain to like 70% then charging. I disconnect the phone leave it on desk it doesn’t drain, the battery case doesn’t drain, but hook them up and the phone sips on the case. Not smart at all. I have to keep it in a bag and then use it when I want to instead of leaving it connected and hoping it’s “smart” enough to charge it when needed. If I charge the case/phone over night both start at 100%. If I leave them on desks, don’t touch them 4-5 hours later the battery case will be down to 60-70%. I haven’t used the phone. WTH? Skip this. I’m returning it and buying a $50 amazon case.

  2. Norayma Aldaco

    this guy has iPhones everywhere.. to destroy with drop tests, to fry with incorrect voltages, to put ugly color housings, to make the apple logo glow… he gets new iPhones just to freaking try a case… I bet he has iPhones under the rug, upon opening the toilet seat…. and has his dad with an iPhone 6s? come on

  3. mark smith

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  4. Lüvv Sürya

    I have a question: Is it okay to plug the iPhone (with the case on) to the charger when the case-battery is completely or 80% depleted while the iPhone itself is at 90% or 100% (obviously) or, should one plug-in the iPhone (with the case on) only when the iPhone battery is at critical level i.e <20% (which also mean the case battery is already 100% depleted)?

  5. louise Brown

    I’ve just foolishly bought a apple smart charging case for my iPhone X as everyone seemed to think it was ok including Zolotech but now I find apple says it’s not compatible with the iPhone X so what do I do now? Take it back and get my money back ? Or keep using it? It works absolutely fine I really like it Someone give me some advice please? Louise

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