iPhone XS and XS Max hands-on

Apple has announced its next generation of flagship iPhones, and one of them is by far the largest iPhone yet. The iPhone XS and XS Max look almost identical to their predecessor, but there are two immediate differences. 1) They’re both available in gold, unlike last year and 2) the XS Max is huge. It’s not just the largest iPhone ever, it’s one of the largest phones out there, period.

Correction: The touch response, not display refresh rate, is 120Hz.

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38 Replies to “iPhone XS and XS Max hands-on”


    iphones are to expensive.I adore the Apple iphone BUT let’s get serious $ 1, 000 plus and they keep pumping out a new version
    every year that comes with a new price tag that doesn’t even include the proper equipment that should be in the box . Not happy that they dangle tid bits in the consumers face repeatedly year after year . It’s a rip off ??

  2. Frank Hugh

    As an apple user for 30 years, even buying computers when they really weren't very good. I even coded on a NeXt machine for 2 years in a london bank but I have to say they have not created anything special since the first iPad came out. Everything since as been an iteration and some products like the watch are a piece of fluff that no one really needs. OSX pretty much the same for 17 years and Windows 10 is now as good to use. Macbooks are so so if they cost 1500$ but they dont, iPhones are simply not as good a design as the Samsungs for the last three years and they are constantly copying what they do which I never thought I would ever have to say.

    I will not be buying anymore iPhones. Maybe they are the new Blackberry!

  3. Jahred Garcia

    Iphone 7 – headphone jack removed
    Iphone X – home button removed
    Iphone Xs / Xs Max – dongle removed

    Damn! they always remove some things i think they should remove their company as well… ?

  4. Brandon

    I used to love apple and sit next to the computer waiting for the next keynotes… I'm so unimpressed with lack of innovation in the last 2 or 3 years. I could kind of care less at this point. I totally didn't even realize they were coming out with new phones until like a day ago. I remember principles of apple being "simplicity" and "it just works." In many ways I don't think those characteristics define apple anymore. I still use an iPhone, but it's more out of habit at this point rather than a true desire to use an iPhone for its innovation and simplicity. Is it apple or is it just me having greater expectations and being underwhelmed since most phones do the same things and look the same these days. Eh.

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