iPhone XR Review

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If you want a next-as-in-X-generation iPhone but you don’t want to pay a thousand or more bucks for it, you want an XR.


iPhone XR — never mind what the R means, it’s just a new letter for Apple, one before S, “racing” if you’re into cars, “reflex” if you’re into cameras, cool-sounding either way. It’s everything you need in a next-as-in-X-generation iPhone, minus some bells and whistles… and the higher price tag.

LCD instead of OLED display. Single instead of dual camera system. Haptic touch instead of 3D Touch. LTE Advanced and 2×2 MIMO instead of Gigabit and 4×4. Aluminum instead of steel bands. Back glass that’s stronger than iPhone X but not quite as strong as iPhone XS.

It does come in a range of fancy new finishes though: black, white, blue, yellow, coral orange, and Product (RED). And at that lower price — $250 lower — starting at $749.

It does have the new edge-to-curved-edge design language, Face ID and the True Depth camera up front, the latest 12 megapixel, Smart HDR camera on the back, the industry-leading A12 Bionic chipset inside, wide stereo speakers on both ends, and dual SIM card support if one carrier and one number just isn’t enough.

So, what are you getting with iPhone XR and what are you giving up? I’ve spent the last week with a black iPhone XR, and here’s what I’ve found.


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27 Replies to “iPhone XR Review”

  1. Rene Ritchie


    Misspoke a couple times, even while looking at the slides. The IP and stats for the water resistance are correct, but the compare is wrong. It's like iPhone X, not iPhone XS. Also, iPhone XS Max display is 2688×1242 (I said 1942 for some reason. Sigh.) I'll keep adding them if/when you find them, thanks so much for the catches!

  2. Scottish Bonsai

    And u still can't rearrange your icons or add widgets apart from home screen I sent mine back after 2, days ment bk to android! I thought I'd give them one more chance last one I had was the 3Gs n that was so disappointing I was devastated so looking forward to it and stood in line for it think I pawns that onvpce found HTC android if never been away from android but I did give them a chance mine was running iOS 12.4. something glad it's gone just waiting on my galaxy just now

  3. Charlotte

    Can somebody help me out, please…

    These are my choices:

    iPhone X (256GB)
    iPhone XR (128GB)
    iPhone 11 (64GB)

    I'm not sure, I know that all of the storage's are a lot, but my current phone has like, 32GB and it's ran out with the like, 2 apps that I have, so storage is important to me in some way! Also, I'm probably going to have this phone for many years so bare that in mind too, thank you! x

  4. Mike Stone

    It's time for an upgrade and I'm totally confused. My 6s has been a great phone, but the 16 gb just ain't working. So now I'm looking at the 8 plus or Xr. I'm not crazy about the bigger 8 plus but the 8 just looks to much like a 6s, which I love. As a Veteran Apple gives a substantial discount so that helps quite a bit. All the reviews are making me crazy and I may have to just flip a coin. I'm not a big camera person, though I do take pics. So coin flip it is.

  5. Moudire Ifan

    I love my iPhone XR, so glad I made this purchase
    The camera is also amazing and meets the iPhone XS
    I find it to be iPhone’s best new design with that big 6.1 screen. Forget the display Blabla, i find it amazing. With half the price of XS Max, it’s definitely the best deal
    I only compare it with other iPhones because since more than 8 years, I’ve only bought Apple products ( iPhone, iPad , Apple TV, HomePod,AirPods and Apple Watch ). No experience whatsoever with other brands.

  6. aayush roy

    I’ve to buy an iPhone since I’m using SE . And I was a bit confused between XR and XS . And sir you erased all my doubt. I hope I’ll get a XR sooner. Thanks a lot . Love and wishes from India 🇮🇳 😇🙏🏻

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