iPhone X Motherboard Replacement

This video shows you how to replace iPhone X motherboard. You can replace the motherboard, provided that you find a way to get a new logic board.
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We will upload other repair guides of iPhone X as soon as possible. Tell us which part of iPhone X you want to replace at comment section. When you decide to repair your iPhone X, you should know this: the aftermarket screens of iphone x are different

1. Heat gun / Hairdryer –
2. Ph000 Phillips screwdriver –
3. Suction cup –
4. Plastic card –
5. Ultra-thin plastic sheet –
6. Adhesive remover –

Step1 Remove the screen
Step2 Remove the logic board
Step 3 Install the motherboard
Step 4 Test the motherboard
Step 5 Install the screen.

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14 Replies to “iPhone X Motherboard Replacement”

  1. Eastsidee817

    I have two X iPhones and one has the back broken one doesn’t, I switch the boards from one to the other now face recognition doesnt work any help? When I put the original board in the original housing face recognition works

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