iPhone SE Review: The $399 iPhone Comes Back to Life | WSJ

The new iPhone SE may seem like a sad, recycled phone but it’s more than that. WSJ’s Joanna Stern (with the help of an animator) brought the budget phone to life to explain how its performance and camera tricks make it a worthy option—even compared to its expensive, bigger iPhone 11 siblings.

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45 Replies to “iPhone SE Review: The $399 iPhone Comes Back to Life | WSJ”

  1. Thijs

    I bought the iPhone 7 because, I think it's better then the iPhone 8 and the SE 2020. The difference between the 7 and the 8 is: Glass back, Faster chip, Wireless charging. Obviously there are more differences but these were the most noticeable. And the price of the 8 is more than the 7. The same with the SE there A just a little differences between the 8 and the SE.

  2. Copper Con

    Has a difficult time staying reasonably connected to WiFi. This will be a deal breaker for many. Battery is poor in reality even after researching and seeing some people said it was good. It’s not.

  3. Jisfl

    I loved my old iPhone SE I had one as a pass me down and another two that I got brand new sadly I upgraded to an iPhone 8 last year I wish this came out then cause I wanted a home button and not that big of a phone but I also wanted the new software that would last a bunch of iOS upgrades but the iPhone 8 is still fine for now

  4. Hal Howell

    I switched from my great XS which While only slightly bigger than the SE2 but it gets much bigger by the time you put a case on it. The SE2 is small enough that even with a case on its still a perfect size for me. The camera is very good for a ‘budget’ phone. The A13 is even more capable than the A12 in my XS though not that much. Night Mode is missing BUT the NeuralCam app you can get it back and for only $3! For me the SE2 makes for a great wallet phone as it easily fits in the tech pocket of my Wrangler Cargo pants. I was able to get mine at Walmart on launch day for half off! So, for a $200 phone the SE2 is FANTASTIC!!!!

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