iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Best Fast Chargers – SAVE $$$!

A hands-on look at three iPhone 8 & iPhone X Fast Charging solutions. Save money by going with a third-party charger! Subscribe ► | Read full article ►

Aukey fast charger:
Anker fast charger:
Apple fast charger:
USB-C to Lightning Cable:
Apple 12W Adapter:

## Favorite apps:
LumaFusion (iOS):
Final Cut Pro X (Mac):
Pixelmator (Mac):
Affinity Designer (Mac):
Affinity Photo (Mac):
Affinity Photo (iPad):
Filmic Pro (iOS):
Ferrite (iOS):
Ulysses (iOS):
Ulysses (Mac):

## Favorite gear:
Panasonic GH5:
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8:
10.5-inch iPad Pro:
Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard:

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32 Replies to “iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Best Fast Chargers – SAVE $$$!”


    Theres no point of arguing about it simply dont buy the iphone and maybe apple will start listening to what we want, but lets be realistic that wont happen people will keep paying no matter what like myself i had iphone in the past i was loving android and last week i went to verizon to upgrade from my LG G6 to a Samsung Note9 but at the store they didnt have the color i wanted so i ended up buying the phone i said i wouldnt the iphone xs max only because i fell in love with how the silver chrome looked knowing the note9 had way better battery which is what i was looking for but instead im here looking for faster charging.

  2. NileshR12

    Are you going to do an updated version of this video for the X R, X S, & X S Max? I’m asking because i just got the X S Max & I was just using my iPad charger yesterday & the included 5W charger that came in the box to charge my new phone. The 10W iPad charger I have for my 2016 iPad Pro still seems to charge my iPhone pretty fast

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