Introduction to Zigbee and Xbee – Let’s Make It – Episode 13

This week start the introduction to wireless communication using Zigbee with the Xbee radios from

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17 Replies to “Introduction to Zigbee and Xbee – Let’s Make It – Episode 13”

  1. Hrithu O.A

    @5:29 you talk about running a python script on Raspberry Pi. Could you please send me the link of the video where you explain that. or anything about the process. I have been trying to run a python script I wrote on RPi for some time now, but it's not working properly. Any help would be great, please?

  2. MrR3KK

    I have just watched another video that said that in order to program your xbee module using your xbee shield plugged into Arduino, you can just set Arduino into Reset-mode (wiring arduino's reset to gnd), which avoids the need to remove the chip (which is indeed complicated). So, can you confirm that to me? Is it true or do I still have to remove the chip to use in this configuration?

  3. Prajwal N

    Could you make a video with XBee PRO S2B. I get a ton of the videos with Series 1. But I don't see none with Series 2, not to be mistaken with the XBee Znet 2.5 (retired)… 

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