48 Replies to “Introducing the #HuaweiP20 and #HuaweiP20 Pro”

  1. Caupo MUÑOZ

    People , I dont like that the jack for headpones doesnt exist in this device, but think a litte, the principal problem is that you can't charge and hear music with the headphones at the same time, but… THIS DEVICE HAS SUPERCHARGE, in that point, huawei is more good, because the huawei's people is smart, the iphone x has the same problem , but the huawei p20 has supercharge,the iphone x don't, you can wait 10 minutes for hear your music for a 2 hours, the supercharge of huawei fix this problem , but the apple's people dont think in this. Very good huawei, I'll buy your device! 😉

  2. Thomas james

    Can you figure something out to make it available in the US I know that the relationship between Huawei and the US isn't the best right now but if you manage to make a deal then the US and China would benefit. Apple's monopoly in the US is collapsing and more people are switching to android and this is perfect for Huawei and especially since Samsung is big here you can really hurt their business and become number 1. Please come back to the United States!

  3. Ashraf Sh

    Hello I have a problem with cracking colors on the screen and the appearance of ripples especially in the game pubg mobile knowing that my device is Huawei Nova 3i I bought this device from just one week. What is the cause of this problem ?? please reply

  4. Nevin M

    Help please I have bought Huawei y7 prime 2018 from another country but I am not able to use AR lens it is not installed in it but the product video says that AR lens is available help… Help…

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