Interview With Z-Wave Executive Director Mitch Klein

Interview With Z-Wave Executive Director Mitch Klein

It’s not everyday you get to interview the Executive Director of a 700+ company alliance, but that’s what I got to do. I learned a ton from Mitch and Z-Wave and now I understand a lot more about this smart home protocol going forward, and how they’re working with the entire smart home industry.

This was an absolute pleasure, and I hope you enjoy the opportunity to hear Mitch speak. Also, I’m there…so that’s kind of nice for you.

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17 Replies to “Interview With Z-Wave Executive Director Mitch Klein”

  1. TheLastMoccasin

    Brian, Would it be possible to get more information from Mitch on the use of Z-Wave wireless devices in a home "security system"? Specifically, the ability for the monitoring panel or hub to know that the device is alive and able to report status changes back if they happen? This goes by many names like heartbeat, polling, device health, etc.

    Without a way for the monitoring panel or hub to know the device is still there, security systems with these wireless sensors are pointless as they are not fail-safe. I am learning this now after purchasing some Smarthings Zigbee multipurpose sensors for use with my Hubitat hub. Hubitat does not monitor the device, so if it stops communicating, your "security system" no longer exists.

  2. Jeff Welvaert

    Great interview with Mitch. I'm using several Zwave devices on Home Assistant and was intrigued by Bruce's question regarding being able to see Zwave signal strength. In Home Assistant you can add a graph that shows your devices, node #, how many hops and connection time. See for what I have.

  3. Mark McEathron

    Hey Brian, thanks again for more quality content, man! Great stuff!

    I am curious, in one of your previous videos comparing Zigbee, Z-Wave, and WiFi, you were concerned about Z-Wave and it's ability to adapt and be futureproof. Did this interview change your mind with regards to those concerns?

  4. Bruce MacDonald

    Thanks Brian and Mitch. I better understand the Z-Wave Mesh network strategy now. And healing in only milliseconds was really cool to hear. Now I'm out looking for a Z-Wave mapping developer tool !!! 🤔😣😊

  5. Hugh Dinwiddie

    Great and timely interview.. One thing that is needed is some way of selling a home with z-wave devices installed and easily making the devices "ready" for inclusion into whatever hub/system the new owner wants. Being able to do that without hunting down all the device manuals would be a bonus, too. Likewise, if I wanted to change hubs at some point it would be great to be able to do this more easily than it is now.

  6. Eric Kay

    WOW! Amazing video. Thank you gentlemen for all this great information. It's like TCP/IP we all use it in our daily lives, but once you understand the nuances of the protocol it vastly broadens your scope into the whole field. Please Brian more like this!

  7. agalleyne

    I must admit, I'd skipped past previous mentions of Z-Wave, so I had no idea how relevant it might/might not be to me. Like a lot of people, I thought, "if it ain't broke…".
    But, after watching this I'm now considering jumping on the bandwagon mentioned, it sounds like a potential game changer.
    Thanks for another really informative feature. 👍

  8. Vic

    Wow, that was a lot of information to learn and absorb within half an hour! Mr. Klein, thanks for spending time to explain Z-Wave to consumers of different knowledge levels. Brian, you asked some great questions and I liked how you ramped up gradually.

    Despite having dozens of Z-Wave devices and having already done a lot of my own research, I still learned quite a bit!

    I have 7 Ring cameras and the Ring Alarm professionally-monitored alarm system, and that's how I learned about SmartStart, which is a great advancement that makes it easier for non-techie people to get into the smart home.

    I was surprised Brian asked about Z-Wave competitors and liked how courteously Mr. Klein talked about ZigBee. ("Not a big fan of the term combating." lol.)

    I'm also looking forward to a bit more unification in the smart home space.

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