Integrate Xiaomi Miflora with OpenHAB and Node-Red

This video explains the basics of the Xiaomi Miflora soil moisture sensor and how to integrate it with OpenHAB and Node-Red.

Steps for OpenHAB explained in the OpenHAB Community. This contains the python code and other setup details:

Node Red script can be found here:

4 Replies to “Integrate Xiaomi Miflora with OpenHAB and Node-Red”

  1. Toth Peti

    Hy, is there a chance that you have a tutorial for the Mijia Bluetooth Humidity and Temperature sensor for integrating into openhab2?
    I,ve tried the miflora python scripts and they don't work.


  2. Adorján Balázs

    Szia! Domoticz-hoz szeretném megoldani, a Mi Flora monitort. Node Red-en keresztül, egy bluetooth 4.0 usb stick-el a málnában. Nem igazán értem, te MQTT-re hogyan fordítottad át, az (angool nem megy) így az lenne a kérdésem, hogy életképes-e az elképzelésem? Szép napot!

  3. dakipro

    hey great video, i am really glad to find someone using openhab with node-red AND is sharing the details. Thank you for that.

    A question, just curious if it could be possible to update openhab "thing" directly from the mqtt, thus avoiding writing to the json file completely? Basically the cron would update openhab, and the node-red would read the data from mqtt as it is doing it now (i guess in a bit different format) ?
    Thanks again!

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