Installing Wemo smart light switch when there are 3 black wires

Here I’m showing how to install the belkin wemo smart light switch when the switch that you take out has more black wires than anticipated. Sorry for mumbling and for not utilizing proper electric lingo. Hope this helped.

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  1. thrash721

    Good Job! Most people are looking for lamens terms anyhow or they probably wouldn't be looking this up in the first place unless they're trolls. You got the video shot really well and explained it good too. This helped me out because I'm colored blind and all the wire colors look the same. Thanks for the upload!

  2. Digital David

    You need to put an amazon affiliate link in this video to the belkin wemo switch and start making money! You would for sure have a couple hundred $$ right now doing that! Its not too late start today man!

  3. Victor Lujan

    The first video I watched on this was an instructional video from cnet. It was very basic and didn't provide the information I needed to get the job done. Yours made it super easy!

  4. 1carrotcake

    There should be like 100K likes at least for this video. Exact same situation here, and glad I found this video. Google useless – everyone that knows seem to be keeping super quiet and keeping this as a secret. But imo, this is a very common setup for a lot of households. For an Electrician or home reno dude….this is like normal common sense stuff but for the rest of us this is really frustrating. I think if the Smart Switch makers really know their stuff, they should really update their instructions / manuals to reflect this common setup for installation.

  5. Chuck Burkhard

    Had same issue with replacing all of the outlets in my kitchen, never noticed three black wires connected in 1 outlet before, it was confusing but after watching your video, it all makes sense now, thank you!

  6. Patrick Chasco

    This guy does not know what he is doing. Do not test by touching wires together. Handling live wires at household voltage is dangerous for many obvious reasons (shock, sparks/arcing leading to fire, etc). If you can afford a smart switch, you can shell out another $10 for a proper no-contact tester. Also the wemo clearly states it is not intended to replace a three-way switch. It does not operate electrically as a three way switch because it does not have a common. Also if your box is not wired with neutral or ground (which is connected to the neutral line in your breaker box), you cannot install this switch properly.

  7. Infiltrator2003

    White is Neutral, Green or Bare wire is the same wire which is connected to Ground (aka Earth – literally connected into the ground for safety so extra electrons have a place to go rather than your body)

    The Black wires are considered HOT. If the black wire comes directly off the panel it's called the LINE WIRE meaning it's LIVE. Any black wires heading out to other devices (such as a GFI or other switch) is called the LOAD WIRE.

    I would put a better disclaimer on your videos though. Learn how to edit and add content to your videos using FREE apps.

    Good luck

  8. MrEasternElectric

    You obviously have no clue what you're doing which doesn't make you stupid. What makes you stupid is making a video that someone else who has no clue what they're doing will try and listen to you. Get a new hobby

  9. Zoltan Konder

    this was a life saver for me! I tried to install my first wemo switch and picked the one where it had 3 black wires. Me not knowing what these meant I understood one is the line the other is the load, assumed the third one will be the neutral…after connecting the light flickered, then it didn't turn on and of course I did not have my porch lights working…so this video enlightened me and saved me the headache to ask for someone's help to solve it 🙂 thank you Mihai for posting it!

  10. Binh Minh Pham

    Good job! I have the same dilemma with two black wires connected to the common terminal on a 3-way switch by a previous electrician. I didn't realize the extra one controls another light switch; now I do. Thanks.

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