Installing Amazon Alexa ~IN~ Your Ceiling

I decided to install an Amazon Alexa (aka an Echo Dot) in my ceiling and hook it up to some ceiling speakers I had. This made the device perform a lot better in my opinion and I thought it came out pretty good!

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Putting a smart speaker in the ceiling integrates the Amazon Alexa into your home/room and just makes the audio, the mic’s ability to hear you clearly, and the overall experience of using Alexa that much better.

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24 Replies to “Installing Amazon Alexa ~IN~ Your Ceiling”

  1. Robby Gray

    i understand the speakers but for the ceiling lights what other devices did you need to buy to control the lights in the ceiling i see a few people online controlling lamps for wall plug devices you at to the current wall plugs but the ceiling lights hows this work?

  2. Rory Christel

    You really should mount that thing to the t-grid. They make hangers for it, it'd just be a matter of attaching the Echo to the hanger; look for "ceiling tile hangers", "t-grid hangers", or "drop-ceiling hangers".

    Which is what brought me here, I was looking to see if someone had mounted her using a proper mount.

  3. Justin Greene

    Nice setup. I'm thinking of doing something like this where I'm going to replace my extra smoke detectors with Google WiFi/Home pucks. This is a great starting point guide.

    Did you run power manually or just a long extension cable?

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