Inside a Drone Battery Factory in China

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24 Replies to “Inside a Drone Battery Factory in China”

  1. Critical Insights

    Such a great video, and the factory looked pretty cool.. except for the guys who get their fingers regularly injured in the aluminum trimming/vacuum sealing room.. that job needs to be done by a different finger friendly robot 😉

  2. Koj NSA

    Really the Chinese are taking over the world.that is impressive.i think they should move from the foil battery making and try the way dji makes their batteries with it plastic case.

  3. Ron Morris

    Does the constant contact with the electrical charges interfere with your body? If you shouldn't be close to a toaster etc. how much energy is absorbed by working there everyday.?

  4. Brian Liebe

    cool vid! Iv'e been to China 2x's now. I go to visit the CF MOTO atv sxs factory for my job. China is quite a country! I go from Hangzhou to Shanghai. It's neat to see the "good, bad, and the ugly". The food you ate looks like nothing I ate when I was there…..I had some crazy weird stuff where some was good, and some was, um……not my thing! duck tongue, chicken feet, ox tail, lotsa stuff I wasn't even sure what I was eating. I just smiled and kept tasting the many diff foods on the big round serving tray that spun round the table. Looking forward to the next China trip. Keep the vids coming!

  5. lenny108

    nice video, thanks for traveling all the way to Shenzhen to find that out. Seems this whole science of making batteries is under construction and there are always new inventions made. Problem right now is that after one year these batteries deteriorate badly. Of course it is sad to see that these workers won't be able to have families, children, or can buy a house. At the same time more and more workers are replaced by robots.

  6. Blattsalat 50000

    It is really bad that you were able to smell the chemicals. You did only one visit, shouldn‘t be a problem, but the solvent used for battery slurries is highly cancerous. That’s bad workplace safety if that stuff is smellable.

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