Inovelli – Z-wave Switch – Setup and Review

This inovelli switch is a great z-wave switch that will integrate with your wink app and hub making light control for your smart home easy.

Tube Buddy to help with your channel…

Smart Home Links

inovelli switch (3 and 4way)
wink hub (to make it all work)
Alexa Dot (for voice control)

My Camera Gear…some of it

The camera I use (panasonic G7)
Speed booster for (G7 and GH4) allows canon lens on Panasonic camera
My Favorite lens on the speed booster on the G7 For Vlogging
Favorite Desk Tripod
Favorite Vlogging tripod rig
Best Action Cam for Vlogging (hands down)
Best USB Mic (Yeti)
Best USB travel mic (hands down)

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  1. Jeff Lagana

    If you are thinking about SmartThings, check out the scene enabled Inovelli switches. Double tap up on a switch and the top of the stairs and all basement lights come on, double tap down on a switch at the top of the stairs and all basement lights go off.

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