INMOST – Release Date Trailer (Nintendo Switch & PC)

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Available from Friday August 21st on Nintendo Switch and PC!

Escape the depths of an otherworldly labyrinth in this cinematic puzzle platformer. Explore a hauntingly beautiful world, with three playable characters, in one dark, interconnected story…

Developed by Hidden Layer Games. Published by Chucklefish.
Music by Alexey Nechaev.

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42 Replies to “INMOST – Release Date Trailer (Nintendo Switch & PC)”

  1. idilio

    i just finished playing this game. i never thought i'd have to look away from a 2d platformer out of fear. the story this game tells is heartbreaking and it really all made sense in the end. please play this game in one sitting; it's not too long, but it's absolutely worth it

  2. StormishBreeze

    It’d be nice to hear SOMETHING from Chucklefish on the games they’ve seemingly left behind. Starbound for example? At least TELL us that y’all have abandoned it? It’s such a waste of potential right now man, leaving it untouched.

  3. StormishBreeze

    Are y’all ever gonna start working on Starbound again? It’s such a great game with so much potential, but it seems like you guys are ignoring it. I’m no expert on game development or anything, but I love the game and want it to get better, because it does need some love. It’d be cool even if y’all handed down the development to someone else to work with (maybe the Frackin Universe team or whoever)

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