In Depth One Year Review of the 2017 Nissan LEAF – 30kWh Battery Pack

Here it is… My ONE YEAR REVIEW of the 2017 Nissan LEAF!! How has the car held up over the past year and 10,000 miles? I go over it all in this review from the condition of my battery pack, to the overall comfort and feel of the vehicle, to my thoughts on the headlights and such.

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34 Replies to “In Depth One Year Review of the 2017 Nissan LEAF – 30kWh Battery Pack”

  1. General Smedley Butler

    Wow, LeafSpy reporting 100% after 10k miles? That's incredible. My 2019 62kWh model is down to 96% after just 11k miles and I don't use fast charging at all. My 2015 24kWh model is at 89% after 60k miles. The capacity drop on my 2019 was likely due to the vehicle sitting on the dealers lot for 18 months (it was purchased in March of 2020 as a left over 2019 model). The car largely sat unused for those 18 months and I suspect it may not have been kept at the appropriate charge level for storage. I've noticed that dealers don't really care about EVs since they can't make any profits from routine maintenance. Great video. Keep us abreast of your LeafSpy results.

  2. Mike Helton

    Constructive criticism, please donโ€™t take it the wrong way. You could cut the intro waaaay shorter. Most visitors are hear to see your review. Thanks for the review! Incredibly helpful!

  3. John Cornellier

    6:05, 150$ Garmin GPS suction cupped to the windscreen vs paying K$s for a higher trim hmmmm…. Better yet is to swap out the double DIN radio for a Pioneer Apple CarPlay unit. This can only be done on an S model as the higher trims have fancy-pants car controls in the radio. Also the remote control app costs a subscription fee of like 15$ a month after a trial period.

  4. jinksyboy

    Would have been helpful to hear more about the range you generally get. How thing like aircon and heated seats affect it, summer and winter too. Also how long home charger takes etc.

  5. Joe Baker

    Your probably the first EV owner who has touched on some of the points a non eco nut would like to hear about. I'm never going to give up my big tired 4×4 ever. However I normally have a simple relyable and cheep to operate car parked next to it in the drive way. Since my TDI Jetta got crashed I'm seriously considering a Bolt. All the eco speak with all other electric cars for me is just too much, it brings back memories of luke warm caned veggies when I was a kid. However if more people would talk about the solid relyable nature of a EV ( no waisted evenings fixing it that could be spent working on my truck or boat ) the quick and confident acceleration. ( unlike most easy on the gas ICE cars ) and low operating cost ( more fun money on weekends ) I honestly think there would be more people interested in EVs, quite possibly a lot more.

  6. theyoutuber

    Sir, I plan to buy my first EV car. Have had enough of all the repairs, gasoline prices ect in fossil cars. Which of the wear parts are there in the nissan leaf, and how often do they need to be replaced? How do they withstand cold temperatures down to -20?

  7. Larry

    Idk if itโ€™s just me but the 2017 and earlier versions looks kinda hideous. The headlights seem bug-eyed and the rear lights look way too thin. The updated one looks rather nice though

  8. Michael

    Did you know that just producing the battery pack equals the same amount of pollution as a semi truck that goes nonstop for a whole year! Did you know that using the power grid creates more pollution per mile then using gasoline or even diesel

  9. Gina P

    Congrats on your recent(ish) milestone of year one! I recently purchased a 2017 Volt and while we don't have the same car, we still have the same passion for EVs and no/low emissions. I love your videos and will keep watching for inspiration. Also, your family is lovely! Keep featuring them.

  10. Jimm Jimm

    So have a question. If you don't drive your ev car for a few days will your battery died? Example: snow storm comes through and stuck for a few days day before had half charge?

  11. matneu27

    Nice video ๐Ÿ‘and congrats to the SOH! Interesting to hear you talk about the trim level S and so on. In Germany I know Visia, Acenta (mine) and Tekna levels. The Visia must be yours. The Tekna also has leather seats, led headlight and a bose audio system. Anyway I am full satisfied with mine. Unfortunately without Ghostbusters stickers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. x666x34b

    Concerning my pet peeve about charging without having to exit the turnpike, this was posted by the MTA just last week… "Installation of Tesla charging stations along the Maine Turnpike at the Kennebunk Service Plazas is complete and the units are now available for use. In total, there are sixteen Tesla charging units available โ€“ eight at the northbound plaza and eight at the southbound plaza. This project funded by Tesla, also provided room to accommodate future charging units for other systems and/or vendors when they are prepared to move forward. There is additional capacity for six units at southbound and eight spaces available at the northbound plaza. The MTA is coordinating with Efficiency Maine to find vendors that can put the other available spaces to use."

  13. Andrew Le

    I just picked up a used/CPO LEAF 2017, and drove about 8 miles on the freeway at about 60-65mph, and lost about 25 miles on the GOM (guess-o-meter)… is that normal??

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