Ikea’s ‘Tradfri’ smart lights are very, very basic

They don’t work with any third parties (sorry, Alexa), and the starter kit costs more than a competing kit from Philips Hue. Still, there might be some value here.

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22 Replies to “Ikea’s ‘Tradfri’ smart lights are very, very basic”

  1. Stephen Feber

    What a nonsense review! They work fine with Philips Hue as other people have said, there are cheaper than the Philips bulbs and they come in a wide variety of types. The little remote need setting up – but that's easy and IKEA show you how to do it. Linking the bulbs up with the Philips system needs patience. But it can be done.

  2. cirf eu

    so the "competing" Set from hue is 10 bucks cheaper with 2 worse bulbs(no adjustable colour temperature) and without a switch. So comparing apples to oranges is a "good" test?
    Tradfri offers much greater value on all components per buck.
    Also it does not come with that cloud crap and is based on an open standard.

  3. Paulo Pereira

    Very poor review, about ecosystems Ikea actually did very well choosing an public available standard called CoAP from IETF ( https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7252 ) this will allow any of the so called ecosystems to communicate in a standard way. I'm sad to see this type of review in our times shows that the person that is evaluating these have a very basic knowledge of what should be important in an IoT device. I understand comments about feeling cheap It's IKEA, but the fundamental part is not pushing another IoT protocol into our homes but choosing a standard that is discussed in the open. IoT devices should communicate in an open/secure way not with proprietary implementations.

  4. Niall


    The song in the background of the video was SOOOOOO annoying!!!! Sounded like a drunk, playing the James Bond theme on a broken guitar!!!! They do shit like this ALL THE TIME!!

    The whole design of the website and channel seems stuck in the nineties. Thumbs down.

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