IKEA Zigbee remotes – upgrading CC2531 firmware

Follow up on the Zigbee video – fighting non-functioning IKEA remotes.
I changed to Zigbee2MQTT (that did not help).
The solution was to upgrade the CC2531 firmware. This normally requires a CC debugger (a piece of HW) and cable. But, you can do that just using Raspberry Pi. This video shows you how.
Also, an update on joining the Zigbee network – getting it right.

You can find the instructions here:

The Z-Stack firmware is available here:

Link to the CC2531 flasher:

11 Replies to “IKEA Zigbee remotes – upgrading CC2531 firmware”

  1. droidgame maniac

    Díky za video – taky mě to mátlo, že systém našel IKEA věci, ale jaksi s nimi nekamarádil. Upgrade FW přes Raspberry Pi fungoval slušně. Jen si dovolím poznámku – zkusil jsem nejprve Pi4 a bohužel nic – pořád jen nuly – potom v další diskuzi doporučeno Pi3 a s tím už to fungovalo v pořádku při stejném zapojení. Čili výsledek čtyř nul nemusí být nutně špatným zapojením 🙂 Také bylo třeba IKEA prvky smáznout a znovu přidat, jinak to stále nechtělo šlapat. No hlavní je výsledek 🙂

  2. Honza Černý

    Dobrý den, děkuji za video. Chtěl bych se zeptat kolik na zb2mqtt máte zařízení, protože podle oficiální dokumentace je podporováno okolo 20 zařízení, tak bych se chtěl zeptat jaká je vaše reálná zkušenost. Děkuji za odpověď

  3. István Nagy

    Instead of soldering I've used hook clip probe cables which are usually provided with logic analyzers but you can buy them separately from eBay very cheap. Those have the correct connectors for the GPIO PINs of the Pi and you can hook attach the other end to the CC2531's PINs. Just make sure to separate them out to not create shorts.

  4. Filippo Zonta

    I have a CC2531, that exact ikea dimmer and some IKEA lights. If someone is having problems of delays when using that remote (~5sec between clicking the remote and activating a light), set the max_concurrent_requests to something > 2 (i.e. 8) in the znp section of home assistant config

  5. Roman Santorcuato

    Hi Vaclav, another nice video… I have only one eWeLink TH01, that works fine and one eWeLink WB01 that shows only 100% battery and no events. I also realize weeks ago that there is a new version and upgrade it to the last one, the same as you show… But, I still only have power indication from eWeLink WB01 and no events… Any additional idea?

    Upps! I'm using ZHA over the last version of Hassio

    Thanks for your useful and beautiful work!

    EDITED!!! I just change over zigbee2 mqtt and I started seeing events from the momentary switch, thanks again Vaclav!

  6. Heinz Elmann

    First of all, I really enjoy watching your video. Please keep going with the great work! 🙂 Now back on topic. I would suggest to anyone to use a CC2632 instead of a CC2531 because once your mesh growths beyond a certain size, a CC2531 coordinator is not powerful enough, even with the source routing firmware in combination with additional CC2531 routers. I have experienced extensive stability problems in my ZigBee network. Currently my ZigBee network comprises about 80 devices. I have tried for 3/4 year to get this network with one CC2531 coordinator and seven CC2531 routers (to extended the coverage), all equipped with external antennas, reliably running. It was not possible and I gave up. After the CC2632, everything works fine.

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