Ikea Tradfri Smart Lights with Apple #Homekit

Live Walkthrough of Unboxing and Setting up Ikea Trafri Lights to work with Apple Homekit Smart Home Ecosystem. For more Apple Homekt information please check out my Udemy course at

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  1. ScotTheGr8

    Ok, for some reason my TRÅDFRI hub started working with my Ubiuqiti RputerX. This wasn’t after an upgrade to either the RouterX or the Tradfri firmware. But it did happen after a few re-set ups of the MDNS for the RouterX. Note that I have the router set to running 2 separate sub nets. One is for IOT and the oither for general computing. Anyway, I hear theUbiquiti MDNS is a little buggy and people are waiting for this to be addressed I. A firmware update but it does work, or can work as is. Just throwing this out in case it helps anyone.

  2. Thor

    Spent over $200 this tradfri stuff has been a complete nightmare!!! Only thing worse was ikeas customer service. Still waiting to hear back from them!!!

    DO NOT BUY THIS TRADFRI STUFF!!! Never had such a horrible experience!!!

  3. ScotTheGr8

    having troubles using with Ubiquiti router just to put it out there. Have it on a separate subnet. If I turn off MDNS reflection it works but nothing else on that subnet work and vice versa. I’m not a network knowledgeable dude so I barely know what all that means. Am sure of it through trial and error though. Haven’t figured out how to resolve yet but maybe this info will help others. Still works solid with all remotes though. Sort of works with iPhone. Or working with Siri – unless I turn the MDNS reflection off.

  4. MainAccount

    2018-10-16 Update… seems like Ikea’s system is a bit more polished. Pretty seamless setup with none of the issues encounter in the video. One remote connected to three bulbs all showing up in HomeKit. However, the remote’s three color settings still can’t be accessed via HomeKit (or atvleast I can’t seem to get that to work yet).

  5. Bela Kerkay

    Once you pair the bulbs with the Hub and the remote. are you able to control the bulbs individually via HomeKit? Or is a all bulbs on, all bulbs off scenario ? Any input greatly appreciated. FYI – I bought the kit 2 days ago (along with other bulbs) in the one of the IL stores. So the kits are still available as of June 2018.

  6. SmoochyTea

    They actually don't sell the starter kit anymore, depleting the stock and deliberately focussing on the products separately. It does seem more like IKEA to do it like this.
    I wonder whether they updated the boxes with a HomeKit logo now. I should check that out soon if I go and get some of their meatballs…

  7. xStagGx

    Although remotes themselves ain’t visible in HomeKit, since bulbs are – do you get whole HomeKit experience? I mean – Siri commands, scenes, changing colours & brightness etc?… and Ikea recently released their version of ambient bulb with full RGB spectrum, which is whooping 40% cheaper than Phillips Hue equivalent, so… it’s really a steal ?

  8. Simon T Bramley

    We don't get Tradfri in Ikea Taiwan for some reason and basically nowhere in South East Asia, including Australia. I'm not sure I'd buy them anyway based on your experience! You suffer the pain so we don't have to…

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