iHome Rechargeable Dock Review (iP57)

This is the review of the iHome (iP57) Rechargeable dock for iPhone, iPod touch and compatible Apple devices.
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6 Replies to “iHome Rechargeable Dock Review (iP57)”

  1. Garth Wolf

    4:00 Yeah, you're right I MIGHT have heard that song… 😉

    But tbh, it looks absolutely ridiculous to have that adapter there just to play your songs on the 5th generation iPod because of the lightning adapter. Apple should not have made the lightning cable… it's not even that fast, and just a big money maker to have people pay $40 for an adapter or buy an updated dock or buy a new cable. Heck, they'll probably change from USB to thunderbolt or something in a few years for charging to make everyone change cables and even computers again. -.- I had a 5th gen and this dock and it was such a pain to have to plug in an ugly adapter or use an AUX cord both of which completely defeat the purpose of having a "dock" for my iPod. Eventually sold the 5g because I was getting a new phone, but that fell through and now I'm going back to an iTouch 4. Glad my dock will be put to real use again.

    Nice review. Should have more views on it.

  2. Greg Oaster

    I have had this device about two months.  Keep it in my kitchen to use when I'm cooking.  It sounds great.  Picked it up for 30 bucks at the iHome outlet store.  Really like the fact that it is portable.  

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