iHome – Not iCrap – iH5 clock radio/iPod dock

The iPod dock is useless unless you have an old model that is compatible with it, but the iHome iH5 clock radio also features surprisingly good AM and FM radio reception and sound quality, and with its line level input, it can serve as a compact amplifier/speaker system. Newer models are compatible with newer mobile devices, and have even better-sounding speakers, but have an FM-only tuner.

StereoDustParticles’ review of the iHome HiP95 and HDL95 clock radios:

Title inspired by ClydeSight’s “Eiki – Not Breakie – Exploring the Eiki 3279A UN-Vintage Cassette Tape Recorder” video:

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  1. Marion Hinzman

    I literally use to have this same iHome alarm clock. Mine was pretty good and I used it with my second GEN iPod touch. The iPhone and iPod touch really did not put out that good of a music quality back then compared to now. Even compared to other phones and dedicated music players at the time, the iPod touch and the iPhone Really did not play with the greatest music quality compared to other devices of the time. I see that because I had this same exact model of iHome alarm clock and it had pretty decent sound but it wasn’t great. I have a newer iHome alarm clock model iPL23 which features a much simpler button layout as well as a USB port at the back so you can technically use it with an android phone or an older Apple device with a 30 pin dock connector. It also has an FM radio antenna as well as a aux port on the back. One thing I’ve noticed with my new iHome alarm clock which I just listed the mall number four is that the speaker quality and sound quality is amazing. I love these types of alarm clocks because I like to wake up with easy soothing music rather than the ear popping alarm sound that you get with most alarm clocks. I’m also not that fond of waking up to the radio. In my experience iHome has been decent in the past but now seems to put out some really high-quality products especially with their alarm clocks. So this was a really good iHome alarm clock back in the day but I have to say that I’m really happy and impressed with the newer model that I have now iPL23

  2. Vasili Bougiamas

    It's weird watching a Vwestlife video about a niche product that one owns for some reason. I would have loved to use this with my iPhone 4 back in the day but the charging pins only support FireWire which the phone doesn't support.

  3. Douglas Allen

    At around 7:24, it's not exactly your fault that Anne Murray's "You Needed Me" was playing too fast… I actually found the TV ad for that "Reflections" compilation, and it was actually K-tel that is to blame, and not that 8-track player.

  4. NinjaBoy and the Old Man

    I paid $5 also for the one in my AM DX video..great performance, and excellent sound..but the only drawback is the rotary encoders used for tuning and volume go bad and either work in reverse or intermittently. They can be taken out and cleaned but it is a chore opening the radio to do so.

  5. Roman Serdyuk

    I bought this model brand new in USA in 2007 for 110$ as far as I remember. Still works just fine nowadays except for some buttons which I have to push really hard to get effect. Lighting including dim function works fine as well..

  6. stereophonicstuff

    After watching the video for a second time, I must say that I am truly impressed with not only the presence of an AM tuner, but also the fidelity, considering how AM is an afterthought on newer radios. The top of it seems so barren without the written instructions for hotel guests!

  7. theLuigiFan0007

    I got a 5th gen 30GB iPod! May have to think about picking up a iHome.
    That reminds me, I need to order that special ribbon cable. Then I can stick 128/256GB CFSM card in to replace the hard drive. Better battery life, and way more storage then designed for. CFSM = IDE >:D

    PS: RockBox is awesome, install it on your old iPod and give it new life. Adds support for FLAC, WMA, OGG Vorbis and I'm nearly 100% certain Dolby Digital AC3 audio. It can also emulate a USB keyboard while charging, and control a media player or web browser in either multimedia or browser keypad mode. Seriously, using the iPod to control a media player without closing a fullscreen game is epic if you don't have a multimedia keyboard.

  8. Germán Rodríguez

    That 8-track player of yours has a very clean sound, despite the possible tape speed issues!! Good idea to use it as a test audio source!

    Did you have a chance to test the "line out" jack? Maybe another improvement could be made, by plugging a small active subwoofer to that output, in order to get more bass… Of course, as long as plugging a cable to that output doesn't disconnect the radio's front speakers…

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