iHome iB40 Headphones Review

This is a full review of the iHome iB40 Headphones. If you like the looks of these headphones and want to see more then make sure to use the link below and check out their awesome website and all their other products!


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44 Replies to “iHome iB40 Headphones Review”

  1. Wr Murrow

    Almost a great buy.ย  But two weeks after buying the swiveling pivot where one side's yoke meets the headband broke and is unrepairable.ย  It is a hollow 1/4 inch diameter plastic tube and far too delicate for headphones.

  2. MikeyFuscy

    I got this for $15. Way worth it. The price compared to other headphones speaks for itself, and the sound quality is nothing to complain about. I laugh at people who buy headphones just like these for $150+

  3. Daniel Ward

    i own these great sounds quality for 15$ and on my head they sit just right after i tinkered with the adjusters and got it just right for 15$ its more than worth it for these

  4. RoAr Fox

    Question: You mentioned that the earphones don't flip, but do they rotate? For example, with the earphones sitting on me ears properly, I want to rotate the headband to the back of my head, not on top. Is that possible to do this without breaking the earphones from the headband? Thanks!

  5. David Jamison

    I got a couple of these ib40s for $17 at my local Marshalls. They are a lot of headphone for the money. To me, they kind of sound like Large Advent speakers in a small way (yes, I've heard plenty of versions of Large Advents). granted, the ib40s are not the absolute best headphones that I've heard, but the others had price tags that turned me away.

  6. billy mitchell

    People don't buy these headphones are awful my friend.
    There bass is to dull and there very uncomfortable in 40 Minutes .
    Sony mdr v55 . are 100 but there long lasting very good style and bass .
    Panasonic hp Get those people

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