IGN HUMILIATES Xbox And Reveals Huge PS5 News! Fanboys Are Losing Their Minds Right Now!

IGN lately has been seemingly tearing up some Xbox Fanboys feelings, you have to wonder exactly why so many people are getting so offending so easily and especially considering the Xbox Series X is indeed the most powerful console coming. Not everything is out to hurt Xbox and Microsoft. PlayStation 5 gets its fair share of disappointing reviews and news as well.


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33 Replies to “IGN HUMILIATES Xbox And Reveals Huge PS5 News! Fanboys Are Losing Their Minds Right Now!”

  1. Iggs Wanna

    This is the worst gossip channel I've ever seen.. It's so bad it makes me come here every time and rant about it.

    It's so God damn biased
    So devoid of content
    So hateful

  2. sociogod

    Man, you’re just blabbering. There was no actual information in this. I’m gonna get them both because I want the most powerful console AND I love the PlayStation exclusives.

  3. R1der0311 !

    Makes a video about hating people attacking others on console preferences, but the video is attacking xbox players? Just saying was it that major to make a video on how much you dislike xbox people defending xbox. More of your other videos those are awesome brother, this was no beuno

  4. Brad Smith

    You know you're gonna look like a complete derpboy with all these PS5 fanboy videos when PS5 is running 4k @30fps and Xbox is crushing it at 60fps+. No COD or fornite player will ever buy a PS5 when the real frame times are announced

  5. spooky2k10

    I don’t get the hate either. Although personally My personal preference is playstation, I like the fact there is Xbox as it keeps the market competitive. Both companies trying to get the better of the other is a win for gamers!!!

  6. Ryan Williamson

    Allegedly “more powerful”, but ZERO first party games. Just look at what they delivered this current gen…not even close to PS4. Even the Switch is killing the Xbox (FACT!). Xbox becomes the new SEGA after this gen. I said it! 🤪

  7. DJ A.M.

    I admit to being a bit hypocritical. I went from having a Ps1, Ps2, & Ps3, loving Sony to trying to hype up the XBox1 but now I'm all for the Ps5 & could careless for the Series X or S or whatever.

  8. TacticalKen

    i have a normie friend that buy an xbox last year, after 3 month all the games he want to play is in playstation he sold it half the price and get a ps 4 pro to play some god of war and spiderman. When the future event happen last month he message me on how hype he was.

  9. Jeff Gugala

    Yes this is what i was talking about yesterday that i got attacked for xbox only cares about subscriptions they want to be like the net flix of gaming to bad they dont have many triple a titles

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