i-Pace Range Tests, Daimler Dismantles Model X, Tesla Semi Claims – TEN Future Transportation News

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

Serious Testing  – Jaguar details its 200 i-Pace Prototypes, and the road-tests they’re undergoing –
Taking It Apart – Daimler gets into trouble by hiring Model X on peer-to-peer platform, then dismantling it reverse-engineer Tesla’s flagship SUV –
On Their Way! – Model 3 deliveries due to start to mainstream customers next week –
Higher-Speed – BMW, Porsche look to make 450 kW rapid charging possible in near future.
X-marks the spot  – BMW confirms iX crossovers will launch from 2020, with iX3 being the first –
Made in Mexico – Ford shifts plans to produce its electric vehicles to Mexico –
Sales Report – Waiting for New LEAF, many plug-ins suffer worst sales in November. –
Production begins –  2018 Nissan LEAF begins production in Smyrna, Tennessee for the U.S. market –
Time – Volkswagen Executive gets seven years for his part in Dieselgate scandal, fined $400,000 –
Chasing Charging  – Honda promises to roll-out 15-minute rapid charging in 2022 for its electric cars, as well as bidirectional charging for V2G, Emergency use.
Name Change  – Delphi Automotive become Aptiv, pledges to focus on autonomous vehicle technology –
Fueling Woes –  How Compressed Natural Gas cars are starting to experience issues with refueling – 
Tesla Mathematics? – Outlets begin to question Tesla’s claims about the Semi – 
100-Weeks  – Volkswagen says the ID is 100 weeks away from production, putting launch date some time after November 2019

43 Replies to “i-Pace Range Tests, Daimler Dismantles Model X, Tesla Semi Claims – TEN Future Transportation News”

  1. macronencer

    Good news about jail sentences for emissions cheats! These are not just slightly shady business practices: these people have actually indirectly caused illness and premature deaths. We must send a message that this is unacceptable.

  2. Lee Sale

    900vdc batteries, 500a and 450kw chargers! Scary for your average person to be plugging in. Hope none of these charger cables ever pops while being handled! Even though the chargers are plc controlled, a millisec short will be extremely dangerous.

  3. Mohamed Thasneem

    Currently tesla is has a highly automated giga factory producing all its battery. All they do is automate the production/assembly line with the raw materials procured else where. When the new chemical combination to produce better battery performance comes it is actually advantage tesla. They just have to replace the raw materials and change the automation coding. The giga factory is the game changer no other manufacturer will have. When the new battery technology comes, all the car manufacturers will be in perpetual wait mode to get their hands on battery but Tesla will already have it. Now You Know why Elon Musk is building a giga factory with so much emphasis on automation.

  4. mrebholz

    Reverse Engineering was not necessary for Daimler, they had Elon building them their first electric Smart. And besides retracting their 10% share in Tesla, they probably still work together in other fields like Frightliner and Tesla-Semi; I wouldn't be surprised. We are not told everything.


  5. kens97sto171

    Great video as always and lots of good information as usual.
    I am wondering where you get gas that takes you 15 minutes in line.
    I am in and out in 5 min usually, and filled my semi truck in less than 15.

  6. dlwatib

    I'm not liking that Ford moved its EV manufacturing to Mexico. Let them have a gas sedan. USA should get the EV jobs. I guess I won't be buying a Ford when it comes time to replace my vehicle.

  7. News Coulomb

    While Telsa's semi numbers are on the optimistic side, they are achievable. Daimler claims to have an electric semi that can go 220 miles on a 300 kWh battery. Why couldn't a more aerodynamic Tesla semi with more efficient motors travel 500 miles on a 500 kWh battery pack? And if Tesla can get the battery prices down to $100/kWh, even their price point is believable.

  8. Stephen Woods

    “Volkswagen…meh!” Brilliant stuff. Good episode, Niki, I’m very interested in your review of the Nissan Leaf, which hopefully covers things like servicing requirements and are they going to put in charge stations like Tesla?

  9. creator generator

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that hydrogen fuel cell development has been ongoing since the 1950's. I would imagine it has been pushed on the automakers as the next step for the O&G interests as it pretty much uses the same infrastructure (creation, storing and distribution network) and hence keeps them in a position of power and market share. It also will have us 'consumers' again dependent upon them for our fuel supply and at their rates. Thank you Elon for the EV disruption.

  10. spazzman90

    Looking forward to your Leaf review soon. Hopefully with the 2018, maybe we will get a reboot in advertising and education across the board. I have been driving a Soul EV for 3 months now using it every day for work travels. People look at me like I'm crazy when I mention it is electric. Public perception is Tesla is the only game and EVs in general are only for the rich and those who can wait for days for the vehicle to charge. This needs to change sooner rather than later or I'm afraid those abysmal sales numbers you mentioned at the beginning are going to continue.

  11. rhythmandacoustics

    Serious competition now on the EV. Right now EV market share is less than 1%. This is the right time to invest in Green Technology. Petroleum Industry will not go away but their market share will significantly decrease. Tesla's main advantage to its competitors is not the car but the infrastructure (mega chargers, Super chargers) and battery technology, and huge production (gigafactory 1 and gigafactory 2).

  12. Unitedflyier

    Elon Musk in interviews said a couple of times there would be a battery breakthrough 2019/2020. So maybe he was right? Possible they just had a few handmade to demonstrate the Roadster and they are still working on manufacturing details.

  13. Unum sed Leonem

    Conclusion: all these 100 year old dinosaurs are nothing but #MeToos (nevermind how impressively BEAUTIFUL & futuristic their multimillion $ CONCEPT cars are).
    That alone is a reason enough to go #Tesla.
    Everyone else is responding to Tesla as Microsoft did to Apple in the late 1980-ies and later 2007 and do now (hardware) and Samsung, Google and the rest did since the iPhone.

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