I Love Philips Hue, But There’s a BIG Problem…

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22 Replies to “I Love Philips Hue, But There’s a BIG Problem…”

  1. Dave Murray

    My whole house is hue lighting. No problems whatsoever. I have put white blanks over the top of switches. Some rooms have Philips touch pads some are on the motion sensors. Some when activated go off after a certain time and some are scheduled to operate at a certain time. If you cannot fit the blanks over the existing switches remove them and put the live and neutral in a connector then cover with the blanking plate.

  2. dashcam_vlogger_uk

    ok so this vid posted a year ago. moving on Philips have new come up with a light switch that's hardwired along with their outdoor range which I soo want. expensive just wait till black Friday giggles

  3. czondag

    So your big issue is your family haha and the lack of installing hue switches, because the switches will work!, so disconnect all your normal switches to solve your own problem because this is your problem, not mine, in our house we use several switches and we encounter not any problem ?, you have to do it right and not go half way. Replace all of it…

  4. James Foster

    So am i correct, if i put a bulb in the bathroom and set it to be very dim at night, that means it will be on all night. Not when my kids turn it on it will be dim? by turning it on and off it resets its self?

  5. Demonwhisper

    So, if i'm understanding you correctly. This really isn't a problem you have with the Philips Hue bulbs themselves, but rather a problem with the software managing the bulbs?

  6. slicker55

    I have enjoyed your video and, as someone who has only just started looking at the benefits of home automation, have found this video very useful and informative. You have an excellent presentation style, someone I could listen to for hours – well done and thanks for sharing your experience and invaluable product knowledge

  7. Brendan White

    Well said. I usually do not use the schedule for the same reasons. I prefer to use the motion sensors, Geofencing and Hue Dimmers. The Hue Dimmer Switch has the added advantage of allowing me to hide or even remove standard switches and people can still turn lights on and off with "a switch" as needed.
    I have never had the issue of needing firmware updates every time they are switched off though. Usually the firmware sticks, as it is designed to, through a power cycle.

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