I Found My Dream Electric Car!

Mercedes Vision EQS is Here! I’m the first YouTuber to ride inside it. This weekend I flew to Japan to Test this concept car out and if the production EQS turns out anything like the Vision, I will have to get it. Such a beautiful car!

Watch us cut open an S Class Seat!

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Mercedes paid for my travel to see this car but did not guide any talking points for this video, all thoughts are my own.
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30 Replies to “I Found My Dream Electric Car!”

  1. JJTV

    Love the reviews but there's one more things about these car companies. They never make it for public or they never make it same for public. Just like Elon musk said. Normal car companies never make concept car a real car.

  2. Ossie Cass

    I need to win the Euro millions I live in a very eco friendly house that took me several years to build so I have a passion to try and do my part for a cleaner world but at 69 I’m getting on in life . I have watched many videos regarding electric cars and up to now my favourite one is the Lucid Air so much so I am about to make a refundable deposit on one but boy this Merc looks beautiful I really hope they bring it into production if I had the money it would definitely be on my shopping list .

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