I Drowned My DJI Mavic Air Drone (With Floaties) & It Still Flies! ??

While reviewing this set of RC GEEK water landing gear I accidentally drowned another Mavic! ? Get the Mavic Air here:

… but water will not stop the Mavic Air from getting back up in the air!
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36 Replies to “I Drowned My DJI Mavic Air Drone (With Floaties) & It Still Flies! ??”

  1. L 1

    I just Love Dummy's as you will see this really great guy unwittingly trashes this mavic 'air' drone shoes causes dustins drone to flip hard over ! Dust.. have you never been on the ocean ??

  2. BattyRoshko

    It's incredible it still worked, after i sold my P2 i bought a Mavic Pro Platinum, on th first flight it started raining really bad, and it was 700 meters away from me.
    I managed to fly it back, it was wet everywhere, i took of the props, the battery, opened the sd card compartment and dried it off. It wasn't really drowned like your lil bee
    but i was seriously worried. It powered on and flied just fine afte several hours, these are some serious machines

  3. rcfanaticdublin

    Holy? buddy,
    I remember this being one of the reviews I watched before I took the leap and purchased my first dji product?
    My machine has been a bit of a pain as I didn't realize that is a WiFi controlled machine until after I bought it.
    I had one fly away and return and several disconnect incidents even at close range to the TX in a remote location?

  4. Andy's East Coast Adventures

    The old r/c helicopter training type floaties would be best. 2ft carbon rods cable tied to extended legs. That way the centre of gravity of the flip is extended due to a much larger footprint and you wouldn't have the problem you did with it being a little unstable due to high c&g & narrow footprint.

  5. LKLM Media

    Nice vid.
    Just a very poor design for floats.
    1. Raises the COG above where it should be.
    2. Immediately beneath the Props interferes drastically with Lift and subsequently control capabilities.

    Need to run Carbon fibre rods out further from the fuselage to create wider outriggers. This will lower the COG and prevent tipping, as well as allow for proper air flow from the props.

  6. Thomas sauka Productions

    Hi I just tested my water landing gear in the sink and did exact same, just didn’t submerge totally, I also shock it like you ? now I’ve got it in a plastic box with rice in the airing cupboard over night, I’m hopeful as seen so many people get there’s flying again ?

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